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Lore of Fire in Warhammer 8th edition

Updated on June 2, 2014

Lore attributes

The lore of fire has two lore attributes the first is rather obvious, all spells from the lore of fire are flaming attacks. Flaming attacks means they get to re roll to wound against units in buildings and negate the protective regeneration rule. There are also several magic items that offer additional protection against flaming attacks such as the helm of fire, so be aware of these.

The second lore attribute is kindle flame this adds an extra d3 to the casting of any lore of fire spell that has already been hit by a lore of fire spell that magic phase. The major benefit of this is from several low level wizards with the signature spell fireball bombarding the same enemy unit.


Fireball is the signature spell of the lore of fire meaning that any wizard with the lore of fire may exchange one spell for it. The fact that fireball is such a good spell is a great boon for the lore of fire. It has three different casting values each higher casting value adds an extra d6 hits to fireballs original d6 up to a maximum of 3d6. The higher casting values of the spell also extends the range meaning you will nearly always have a target.

Fireball is a magic missile spell meaning the wizard casting must be able to see the target and each fireball causes a number of strength 4 flaming hits. The obvious use of this is to blast your opponents units to pieces and is especially effective against toughness 3 troops with little or no armour.

Cascading fire cloak

This augment spell can only be cast on the wizard and affects him and the unit he is with. It is remains in play so can be dispelled in subsequent magic phases. Surrounding the wizard in fiery death this inflicts 2d6 strength 4 flaming hits to each and every enemy unit in contact with the wizard or his unit at the end of each magic phase (including your opponents).

Though potentially lethal it is more situational as the wizard must be in combat and this will make him a target particularly if he has cast this spell. It increases in power the more enemy units the wizard's unit is engaged with. it can be worth exchanging this spell for fireball if you are confident you wizard will never make it near combat.

An alternative use of the spell can be to attempt to draw out some of your opponents dispel dice in his turn or face another round of damage.

Flaming sword

Flaming sword is an augment spell that affects the target units to wound rolls both from shooting and in melee combat giving them +1 to their to wound rolls, it also makes their attacks flaming and magical. Whilst the +1 to wound is always useful negating regeneration and being able to wound ethereal beings can be of much more benefit at the right times.

Flaming sword is also useful against high toughness enemy units as +1 to wound means rolls of 5 or 6 will wound even creatures with a high toughness. This is useful against high toughness opponents such as tomb kings warsphinx's or if your units has a low strength.

Burning head

Burning head is a direct damage spell that fires out a burning line of fiery death, every model under it takes a strength 4 flaming hit, also any unit hit taking a casualty must take a panic test. This makes burning head much more useful with good positioning or if your opponent has lots of deep units. It also makes it more effective earlier in the game when there are likely to be more models on the board. Getting a good position for your wizard can often put them at risk though.

The panic test from burning head can also be used for good synergy with the fulminating flame cage spell potentially causing a unit that fails its panic test to take massive damage.

Fulminating flame cage

Flame cage is an unusual spell as it inflicts most damage should the target move. Regardless of the ultimate outcome fulminating fire cage inflicts d6 strength 4 hits on the target unit. then comes the interesting part should the unit move for any reason whilst the spell is in effect each and every model takes a strength 4 flaming hit. Against a big unit this is a scary amout of damage to be taking.

It is particularly useful in a few situations where there is a chance the unit may be forced to flee from a panic test (perhaps caused by burning head), it can also decimate a unit that is already fleeing and does not rally. Frenzied troops that may be forced to charge can also be a good target.

It can also be used as a deterrent to stop an enemy unit moving or charging or to attempt to pull units out of alignment that are guarding another's rear or flank. Overall fulminating fire cage is a game winning spell if cast at the right moment.

Piercing bolts of burning

Piercing bolts of burning inflicts d3 strength 4 flaming hits per rank of the enemy unit this makes it more useful against large infantry horde armies early in the game. It is less useful against more elite armies who are unlikely to have the ranks to make this spell super effective.

It can be super effective against horde armies such as skaven or orc and goblins who are likely to have a lot of ranks. Depending which army you are facing fireball can be a more useful spell however against some opponents so choose wisely.

A full sized Flame Storm.
A full sized Flame Storm. | Source

Flame storm

Flame storm is the highest casting value spell in the lore of fire and also potentially the most lethal though this is at a cost. With a high casting value flame storm also scatters either 1d6 for the lower casting and small template or 2d6 for the higher casting and the large template. Every model underneath suffers a strength 4 flaming hit with the large template. With the large template against a big unit this can be a lot of models!

Like some of the other higher casting value lore of fire spells it can be more effective early in the game as enemy units are likely to be larger, it also gives it more chance that a scatter will still hit an enemy unit. Potentially lethal though the fact it scatters makes it risky.

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Overall the lore of fire is an excellent choice for any wizard high or low level, even with multiple fire wizards the signature spell fireball and kindleflame make it a very viable lore. The lore of fire is also direct in what it is for blowing apart multiple enemies in a storm of magic fire and is far less subtle then other lore's of magic.

If you are looking for a lore to smite your enemies and seriously reduce their numbers you need look no further then the lore of fire.


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