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Bakugan Lumagrowl

Updated on January 4, 2014
Blue Aquos Dual Color Lumagrowl 600G
Blue Aquos Dual Color Lumagrowl 600G

Lumagrowl & His Abilities

Lumagrowl is a tiger/wolf like bakugan that has some knife like flaps on its back, sharp claws and legs with bracelets on his wrists. He has 900G’s and his battle gear is Barias gear. His abilities are fang dome, Arcadia Sword, Blade Fantasma, Flashing Peaker, Spiral Blade, Guard Palace, Wolf Howler, Death Fantasma, Time Warp, and Skoll Fang. He comes in Haos, Aquos, Pyrus and Darkus, but his main attribute in the episodes is Haos.

Red Pyrus Dual Color Lumagrowl
Red Pyrus Dual Color Lumagrowl
Haos BakuCamo White Lumagrowl
Haos BakuCamo White Lumagrowl

The Look of Lumagrowl

His first appearance was bakugan new Vestroia episode 52. When opened up he has a head and two arms next to it. The arms can flip, with multiple joints so you can place them however you want. There are two legs that can also flip out. On his back there are knife like blades with the G power printed below them. The blades can flip down so you can equip a battle gear to him. To close Lumagrowl, make sure the flap in the blades are down (there is a small round piece inside the tail that must be flipped down), and then start flipping the head back until the back of the head hits its body. Finally, flip the blades down and the two flaps on the side till you get a ball. What we have are two dual colored Lumagrowl: one is Aquos Haos 600G, the other is Pyrus Haos with no G power printed. Dual colors are rare, I haven't seen one for sale online or in stores. They are usually gray for the bottom, and a random color for the tail, but there could be other combination.

Lumagrowl is also available in clear, green translucent and pearl white. The latter two are quite rare, yet I personally feel the white one is especially special and worth the money to buy when you see one. The white Lumagrowl has extra color pattern on and around the tail which makes it more interesting and attractive. It is currently available for purchase on amazon.

Lumagrowl & Barias Gear
Lumagrowl & Barias Gear

Lumagrowl in Anime

Lumagrowl battles very frequently, often succeeding. His first appearance is actually in the old series: Bakugan New Vestroia, in episode 52. His biggest battle so far was in episode 18, where he fought Lumino Dragonoid alongside Phosphos. Although Lumagrowl was victorious at first, he lost again due to Shun’s appearance. Shun and Dan had previously switched bakugan, therefore, they made the exchange again, and Lumagrowl lost the battle. Finally, Lumagrowl punishes Phosphos by destroying him, since he tried to attack Kazarina, Lumagrowl's former master. Overall, he won about half of the battles until episode 36, and he will probably have many more. Unlike other Gundalian soldiers that specialize in strength and unatural weaponry (lasers, guns, etc.), Lumagrowl is rather agile, and his abilities use more natural weaponry. Overall, Lumagrowl is a very powerful bakugan, although his g-power in the real game may be lower than others.


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