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Luminark of Hysh warhammer 8th edition empire overview

Updated on April 9, 2012

In the game

The luminark of hysh (arcane battle altar) is a rare choice chariot for the forces of the empire in 8th edition warhammer, it can also be taken as a mount for a wizard lord who uses the lore of light. It is a chariot which carries an array of lens which are used to focus the power of light magic. In the game this grants nearby units a 6+ ward save and allows the luminark to cast a powerful magic missile spell in the magic phase. This innate bound spell is called Solheim's bolt of illumination.

It is pulled by two warhorses and crewed by two acolytes (basic humans) if a wizard lord uses it as a mount he replaces one of the crew. The luminark comes as is and no upgrades or options are available to it. The luminark of hysh is a new unit for the forces of the empire in 8th edition warhammer and does not feature in any of the previous editions.

Pros and cons

The luminark is cheap and gives a small degree of protection to any nearby units, one of the big advantages of this is the 6+ ward save it grants effectively adds another "pip" to any save a unit gets from magic resistance either from an magic item or a witch hunter character. granting a unit a ward save is also quite a unique trait. The Solheim's bolt of illumination is a cheap to cast effective magic missile useful for taking out (or at least wounding) big monsters and the like with its strength of 8 it is a flaming attack that inflicts D3 wounds.

Cons of the luminark of hysh are that the extra dispel dice it gives is capped at a total of 1 regardless of the number of luminarks of hysh that you have. Although the luminark is toughness 5 with 5 wounds once an opponent decides to take it out sadly it will not last long. As a mount for a wizard lord with the lore of light its does make him and the luminark more of a target though as you are likely to be keeping the luminark out of combat it can be an effective combination against some armies.

Tactical uses

Granting nearby units a 6+ ward save may not seem like much but over the course of a battle it can really add up, particularly given the high number of losses units of state troops take. The Luminark is not really designed for combat but as a chariot it does inflict impact hits when it charges so can be used in a tight spot to swing a combat in your favour or take out a small enemy unit. The extra dispel dice it gives is always useful as well.

The Solheim's bolt of illumination spell can also be powerful when used probably. As an innate bound spell it also cannot be miscast (though it is still cast with total power) it also has a low casting value, one power dice gives you a fifty/fifty chance of casting and two power dice almost ensures it will be cast. It is best used against large monsters, monstrous cavalry and against the flanks of cavalry as it pierces through ranks in the same way as a bolt thrower. It is flaming so negates regeneration.


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