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Bakugan Centipoid, Luxtor, and Wormquake

Updated on January 5, 2014
Red Pyrus Translucent Centipoid 540G, I like to put it upside down, it looks unique
Red Pyrus Translucent Centipoid 540G, I like to put it upside down, it looks unique


Centipoid is a centipede like bakugan that when opens up he shows 3 fragments of its tail and a huge mandible to crush the opponent. When opened up 2 of his tail fragments flip out of the centerpiece, and the back one has two tails like an actual centipede. The G-power is located on its body and it comes in all attributes. They are also available in translucent colors and pearl. A version of Centipoid we have is a translucent Pyrus 540G. The Pyrus version has the most power, can be high at 620G, Ventus may be as low as 250G.

Depending on the attribute, Centipoid's eyes and legs have different color combination: Subterra Centipoid has green eyes and silver (white) legs, Haos, Aquos, and Darkkus all have red eyes and golden legs, pearl Centipoid has red eyes and silver gray legs.

Pyrus Translucent Centipoid
Pyrus Translucent Centipoid
Pearl Centipoid 450G
Pearl Centipoid 450G
Darkus Centipoid 600G
Darkus Centipoid 600G

Centipoid in Anime

Centipoid has been used by many Brawlers, but mainly Jewls, who has a Subterra Centipoid as her Guardian Bakugan. Both Masqueradeand Alice used Darkus Centipoid in their battle. Pyrus Centipoid was used by Chan Lee and Dan; Haos Centipoid by Runo and Julio; Aquos Centipoid was seen in episode 46 when Marucho uses the Aquos Quadruple Chain Attack, which changed Jenny's Subterra Centpoid into an Aquos Centipoid.

His real mouth is actually smaller, and is hidden under the head. His G-power in the Anime is random because there are many different kinds of Centipoids. In the Animes, Centipoid has 15 pairs of legs, and can travel underground for sneak attacks. He also has an unbreakable exoskeleton shell for super protection.

His abilities are Quicksand, Spiced Assault, Attractor, Desert Hole, and Grand Down. For a minor bakugan, that is a lot of powerful abilities.


Luxtor is a new worm-like bakugan, and that is why it has has quite some similarities to Centipoid and Wormquake, but much newer than both. It is much more complicated and powerful, but has the same general open and close method. The head includes multiple jaws for physical attacks, four green eyes, spikes, a very large horn above the face, and two claws. In the Anime, Luxtor is another worm bakugan, only it is shorter with a bulky appearance. In battle, Luxtor doesn’t posses much power. It’s weapons are usually lightning blasts from it’s large horn, and can transform it’s body into a hard armor for protection. Since it is an Earth attributed bakugan, it has a lot of defense, but lacks offensive abilities. It has been used by Koji in episode 3 when fighting against Fabia and her Jetro. It was seen in other episodes like 52, 11, and 14. In episode 14, Luxtor was seen defending Neathia from Sabator.

Gray Haos Luxtor 700G


Subterra Luxtor

Subterra Luxtor
Subterra Luxtor
Luxtor in Anime
Luxtor in Anime

Luxtor Ability Cards

  • Metal Break-Through
  • Crush Cluster
  • Eye-Ray Hammer
  • Alvert Impact

G-power for Ventus Luxtor can be either 820 or 660G's; the Haos one has 880G, Darkus 800G, Aquos version has 750G.

Sandstorm Wormquake
Sandstorm Wormquake
BakuSteel Wormquake
BakuSteel Wormquake
Pearl Wormquake 420G
Pearl Wormquake 420G
BakuPearl Purple Darkus Wormquake 390G
BakuPearl Purple Darkus Wormquake 390G


Wormquake is an earth attributed bakugan that looks like a giant worm and is extremely similar to Centipoid (The major difference is that Wormquake has a round mouth on the front that is also lined with teeth.) His body is very long with small spiky arms along the side. His head is its main weapon, lined with sharp incisors to rip through opponents. He spends most of his time above ground, but goes underground for sneak attacks and faster movement. His tail seems to have another mouth that is used for some attacks. Wormquake is able to swallow almost any Bakugan with it's mouth. He is an Old Vestoia bakugan, so he is not as powerful as bakugan released later on. Wormquake has a similar battling technique to Centipoid, a stronger bakugan released after Wormquake. Wormquake in ball form looks similar to Centipoid as well, with 3 sections that flip out when opened, with one section in front and two for the tail. The head is basically a copy of Wormquake’s mouth. His G-power ranges between about 300-550, and the attributes are Haos, Sub-terra, Darkus, and Pearl is also present but very rare. There are no Ventus and Pyrus.

Subterra Wormquake was used by Billy Gilbert and a fake version of Julie's sister Daisy when she was tested by Clayf; Darkus Wormquake was used by Masquerade and a fake Alice in Masquerade's battle with Exedra.

Wormquake's abilities are Sand Trap and Spirit Canyon


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    • Flower of Life profile image

      Flower of Life 

      7 years ago from Somewhere in the Universe

      Very cool toys to collect. Out of these three, Luxtor is my favorite. Thanks for the information.


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