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MMORPG Review: Runescape

Updated on May 11, 2012

Initial Experience

Runescape was pretty much my very first MMORPG. When I first played it, I was in grade school and it was just entering its prime. That was back in the days when Runescape had really low graphics, twenty quests, membership was $5, and the only perk you got from membership was pickpocketing, member worlds, and pest control. My original experience with Runescape was actually rather tedious. At the time, it barely had anything to do, options were limited, and I spent all of my time just swinging my pickaxe at different mounds of material. Other than that the game did not have much to offer. After leveling up to a certain point, and all of my friends stopped playing, I eventually left Runescape. But now, six years later, my brother has convinced me to go back.

My Personal Gameplay

Even though there was nothing to do years ago, Runescape has truly evolved into an intriguing game. My current experiences with Runescape I must say are much more exciting than my initial experiences with the game. Now they have much more to do in the vast world. I have been able to spend quite a few hours grinding my skills, while still being entertained, but this is mostly because of the competitive aspect of the game. I have to be honest, the game would lose all of its value for me if my brother did not play it. The game may have much to do, but the game is completely based around the multiplayer aspect. One could argue that the new fully voiced member world could keep a single player engrossed with a variety of quests, but I hardly see it as a stable argument. The skill capes, online skill comparisons, clans, housing, and dungeoneering features all point toward only have value if someone can play with their friends. Which have become troublesome because me and my brother have very different schedules and it is beginning to become troublesome to have this multiplayer aspect that is necessary to enjoy the game.

Final Thoughts

If you are someone who is searching for a game where you and a group of your friends can constantly compete, play side-by-side, and even enjoy a few mini games and quests, then Runescape might be the game for you. Of course it is much different than the normal MMO (as discuss on my facts review), but it still can be fun if you can play with friends. On the other side, if you are looking for an intense engrossing MMO with great raids, story, and/or value in making a second character, then Runsescape is definitely not the game for you.

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