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MMORPG-What they are, why there addicting, why you should play!

Updated on August 1, 2017
Two Runescape Players Dancing with Swords.
Two Runescape Players Dancing with Swords.

Ever wonder what a MMORPG is?

Well that’s a very simple answer, a MMORPG is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. There are many of these games around, they can be mostly classified as a game where many people can log into a server and interact while playing.

Ok-it’s an online game…so what, I don’t see why its addicting or anything…

Well if that’s what you think your in for a shock! These games are addicting because of the level of content there is to do, the time it takes to do that, and the catch of wanting to do it. There also addicting because most will put you into a community that you will want to be a part of and stay active in!

Runescape Players getting a Player Kill.
Runescape Players getting a Player Kill.

Why should I play it…?

Playing a MMORPG isn’t just for geeks, being a player for about 6 years of two different MMORPGs I would know! Any restrictions that you may think you have to playing one are almost completely eliminated and here’s how:

  1. Age
  2. Community
  3. Fun
  4. Experience
  5. Online games: More then meets the eye!

Personally I have most of my experience in the MMORPG Runescape. Runescape is a game created by Jagex Ltd. Runescape is set back in medieval times, a game where you can collect items, gain levels, and fight monsters and people alike. This will be the background to the rest of this blog. With that being said, lets press on.

  1. Age- I can’t play a game with dragons and kids, I’m too old. This is very untrue and the number one reason why people don’t play games like this. They have MMORPGs for people from age 7 to 100! Runescape is a 13 year old+ MMORPG. Now in my 6 years of playing I have meant people from around the world ages 13 to 55. Anyone can play these games who knows how to use a computer and to type. 55 year olds enjoy it just as much as kids and younger ages.
  2. Community- Ok, now I’m playing how is this a community? Well as soon as you have an account you can talk to people in a live chat (setup like AIM in-game) and you have a friends list that you can private message people on (sever to server). If you pay for a membership, you also have access to forums where you can make posts for goods, tips, guides- anything almost.
  3. Fun- Most MMORPGs you are a character in. Being one of these characters you are able to complete Quests, raise levels, engage in combat, trade/sell/buy items, chat with people, play mini internal games and much more. Runescape has all of this and is based on experience points, doing an action to gain experience in the skill it reflects upon. At first this all sounds hard and I’ve known people who made a free account and didn’t even complete the tutorial of the game, a lot of MMORPGs will be difficult at first, but remember its like learning a Ps2 or a console game, you need to know the controls and what things do before it becomes very entertaining.
  4. Experience- Online gaming gives you experience with communities, they allow you to make friends, and they give you a view of what computers can do and there capabilities. Many scripts and engines are put into a game to get it running. Also your typing skills tend to improve from typing to people from these games. You also get backgrounds of people, I’m from the USA and I learned a lot about people from different European countries, Canadians, Mexicans, and even Australians. So much can be learned from normal people without even leaving your computer, of coarse they may never talk to you but its worth a try and most people who play these games are looking for friendship as well as a wonderful gaming experience.
  5. Online Games: More then meets the Eye!- Online games like Runescape have a clan interface. A clan is a group of people who are all friends that join together to do something more effectively, like a War between two clans is like 20 people on 20 people, it gives them structure like a Leader, Warlord, Counsel, Event Organizer, and members. If you didn’t know, leading people online or making events for a group of players is excellent experience for anyone like a town hall planner or secretary. All of these clans have clan websites (forums) where members make accounts and can post anything they want on them, and get to know each other. Most clans add a 3rd party chat and a voice communication program. I have talked to people on a program called Ventrillo from my clan. It’s interesting because we treat each other more like a family then a group of gamers. These groups, if all are nice people are awesome because they teach you things you may never know, they help you with your problems if then can, or they at least lend a listening ear (or if text eye).

Now that you learned about MMORPGs why not try one out? Here are various ones I know of:

1. Runescape (my personal choice)

2. Fury

3. Eve Online

4. World of Warcraft

5. Maplestory

6. Wonderland Online

7. Dungeons & Dragons Online

8. EverQuest

9. Lord of the Rings Online

10. Warhammer Online

Please keep in mind there are many of kinds of MMORPGs and all are different when it comes to how there made, interactions, and even the chat systems. Not all are easy or hard and not all accept all ages of people. Some are free and some cost money for membership, some offer both.

I hope you have found this blog interesting and informational. I appreciate your support and hope you have a nice day ^_^.

Come be a part of a MMORPG today!
Come be a part of a MMORPG today!

All Runescape Images are copyright © 1999 - 2008 Jagex Ltd.

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      esse jogo é chato eu gosto do jogo que chama mmorpg in club esse é um jogo bom jogue esse jogo. MMORPG IN CLUB esse é o jogo

    • alanohuk profile image


      8 years ago


      I just want to know is there anything better than wow I am trying to find something better also if you wanna check out my blog about the different characters I ahve played and the experience I have had on

    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 

      8 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      Me, too. Hubpages is too addicting you know.

    • Jackson Riddle profile image

      Jackson Riddle 

      8 years ago from Melbourne

      Hub Pages is my new MMORPG, I still can't believe that two years ago I spent 1/10th of my year (37days played,nearly 1000hours) playing an MMORPG. Makes me sick.

    • damiross profile image


      9 years ago

      Totally agree!

      Its a great community that everyone should have a plunge in~

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Great hub!

      I would add all the part of the user's interface personalization you can do in most of those games, that gives it a sense of more personal (i.e. more like me) which tends to translate into more use of it. (..or addiction *nods*)

      WoW for me,

      thanks for sharing

    • RNMSN profile image

      Barbara Bethard 

      9 years ago from Tucson, Az

      great Article! I have often wondered about the online games,my sister in law plays bejewled with her friends on line...I think I will check out a few especially maplestory...sounds like a girl game :)

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      hello... try to ask something... what is your idea about cabal online??

    • profile image

      MMO Mike 

      9 years ago

      Omg, MMORPGs are SOOOO addicting. I remember when I played Everquest, i would forget ot eat and go to the bathroom! haha! I'm not even kidding. I still play Flyff today because the graphic style is cute and the game is great. :D

    • Kika Rose profile image

      Kika Rose 

      9 years ago from Minnesota

      I've heard so much bad crap about Runescape, so I've never played it. But I have managed to get hooked on a game called Puzzle Pirates. It's so cute, and so enthralling! I also have friends who play Second Life, though it didn't look interesting to me, and Maplestory, which would take DAYS to download on my computer (yay dial-up! >.<). Sad, ain't it? I reeeeeeeally wanna play Maplestory! It looks adorable! D: So not fair.

    • Pagan Crafter profile image

      Pagan Crafter 

      10 years ago from Over the Rainbow

      Oooo, a fellow Guild Wars fan? I'll have to keep an eye out for you! :)

    • Eileen Hughes profile image

      Eileen Hughes 

      10 years ago from Northam Western Australia

      I didnt believe how additcting these games could be until my grandkids started me on them. And then they teased me ..No Nan doesnt play games. Yes I was addicted. for sure. Have taken up another addiction now. Guess.... HUBPAGES Great hub thanks

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Wow! Thanks for the infomation, I have friends that did MMORPGs and I didn't know what they were. Nice post, I think I will try to find one to play. Thanks!!!

    • best of the web profile image

      best of the web 

      10 years ago from US

      Nice post.

      Thanks for sharing :)

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Hmm... You sure the community of Runescape is great?

      It's all right in Clans...

      Taking in account that Runescape is mainly played by elementry school students, you will recieve a lot of... to put it likely, they are total duches.

      Also, Runescape's definition of fun is sort of like maplestories, spending lots of hours getting 10% of a level


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