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Madden 13 Ultimate Team Fantasy Cards info, with how to get them, and what they're for. MUT

Updated on November 20, 2012


This guide will talk about the fantasy cards that you can acquire in Madden 13's ultimate team. This will tell you what they are for, and how to get them, and what they can be used for, and most importantly What they are.

Before I continue please feel free to comment below, and let me know you input, or what you think about the game. Also I am on the Xbox live network if you need help under MKS JohnR, space between the two. Also I am on Twitter where you can find out my latest guides as I release them for various games including but not limited to FIFA 13, NHL13, NBA 2k13, Madden 13, Black Ops 2, Halo 4, and many other games that I feel the need to help you guys out with. You can find me on Twitter at - or @johnrr631992 .. Also I do take requests for any guides, or strategies, and will make a guide that can specifically help you, so feel free to comment below.

What are Fantasy cards

So first I should talk about the fantasy cards on Madden 13. Fantasy cards are specialty cards that are released each week, after that weeks sunday/monday games. These cards are players who performed very well, and give bonuses on top of their normal stats. For instance.. If Tom Brady has an incredible week, then he will be a fantasy card, and instead of being a 95 QB, he would then be ranked a 97-98 QB. Those are not the real stats but an example of how a fantasy card is in relation to the actual player.

These cards are typically highly sought after, and usually will give a boost to players teams. They are also key to completing the weekly fantasy collection, to get an extra special fantasy card. Overall upon completing everything you may find yourself with a good amount of extra coins if you can complete the collection at the right price.

Overall fantasy cards are a great thing in Madden 13. It gives players something to look forward to each week knowing new cards are coming, but also gives more collections, better money making opportunities, and allows players to make an overall much better team. With that all being said lets get to how to acquire them.

How to acquire these cards.

To acquire fantasy cards you can do 1 of three things.

First and foremost you can buy packs of cards. The all pro, and legendary packs are the best way to get the fantasy cards, and this is the easiest way. Personally I think the all pro packs are better SOLELY because you can get almost 4 packs for the price of 1 legendary, and this allows you to make a LOT more money. So I would personally suggest using this method in order to get the fantasy cards that you are seeking.

The next method. The solo challenge. There are some cards that can only be acquired through completing the solo challenges for each week. Keep in mind that this does take a long time, with 5 minute quarters, and it does get fairly difficult, so with that being said sometimes it is easiest to go to the next option.

Auction house. Now I know that this can get pricey, BUT assuming you already have some of the fantasy cards, then you should be able to pick the last couple up fairly cheap to complete the collection, get your bonus, and to get the extra player which may be worth a pretty penny. I think that this is the easiest as far as completing the last couple players in a 20 card collection, but the majority of the players should be attempted to be achieved through card packs. This is the best way to spend your money, and maybe get more than 1 fantasy card per pack.


So overall fantasy cards are fairly important in Madden 13's ultimate team. This allows you to make a solid living through the game, and to help keep you going. As said above I think the all pro packs are your best option as you can make a decent profit off buying these cards, and selling them. Either way, it is your choice, and remember that sometimes it is better to sell the fantasy cards then put them in the collection. Some will go for ridiculous amounts of money.

With all that being said, please feel free to comment, ask questions, or post what you think of fantasy cards... Thanks.


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    • profile image

      David 4 years ago

      that is what im talking about I have completed everything in the fantasy side but now can't play the games to collect calvin Johnson and rogers. It just says you have to complete FF of the week but it has been completed

    • profile image

      madden fanatic 4 years ago

      Im in the fantasy side and I complete the whole bracket but when I get to the team of the week and beat that I can't continue do you know why?

    • Johnrr631992 profile image

      John Reid-Roberts 5 years ago from Boston, Massachusetts

      I am pretty sure that each week the fantasy cards disappear from packs, but can still be picked up off of the auction house.

    • profile image

      Perry 5 years ago

      Can I still get Week 1-6 Fantasy cards in packs now or will I only get Week 7 Fantasy Cards with packs I purchase now?

    • Johnrr631992 profile image

      John Reid-Roberts 5 years ago from Boston, Massachusetts

      That does not makes sense.. That is not how it was in the past.. If you go to the game that is locked it should tell you what needs to be done to play it.

    • profile image

      David 5 years ago

      Do you have to complete all the solo fantasy challenges within 1 week to get to play the game of the week? I completed all of week 4 games and the practice but the game of the week(vs. saints) is still locked.

    • Johnrr631992 profile image

      John Reid-Roberts 5 years ago from Boston, Massachusetts

      You have to send the cards to the pending collections... Then go into the collection itself, select the player, Hit A (Xbox) and attach all of the players within the collection.. Just because there names are highlighted, you still need to attach them to the collection, once this is done the coins should automatically be posted to your account.

    • profile image

      Jesse 5 years ago

      How do you collect reward coins once you have completed a collection? I have all 4 cards for the week 3 fantasy collection, but I do not know how to get my reward. Please help..