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Madden 13 new features and info, included most things different from Madden 12

Updated on September 2, 2012


This guide is going to talk about all the new features that you will see on Madden 13. Included will be commentary, graphics, players, and things that will be different than on Madden 12. Please feel free to comment below to let me know what you think of the game, and the new features.

New Features

-So first thing I would like to start with is the commentary. This game has commentary provided by Jim Nantz, and Phil Simms. The dialogue includes over 82 hours, and 9000 unique dialogue lines provided by the two. While this is a LOT of dialogue, I still feel as in every Madden game, the dialogue is still not perfect. There have been a few times already, and I am sure a lot more coming, where I have said, "wait, what did they just say" knowing that the dialogue makes NO sense compared to what has actually happened on the field. None the less I think that having that much commentary is still worth noting as a new feature.

-Next is the graphics. I am very happy to see that the graphics as usual continue to get better as the new games are produced. In past Maddens I was getting disappointed by the fact that it seemed more focus was being placed on the audience and stands and fans in the crowd then on the actual players. In Madden 13, it seems that they took focus off of the fans, and put that all into the players, which I am very happy with. While I do see a few flaws still, it is very nice to see that there is a LOT of focus being thrown into the actual players, and I do see a big difference between last years game, and this years.

-The physics engine. While I have dedicated an entire guide to the new physics engine, I think that it is nice to see that the game engine has increased. While I do see some flaws that can be annoying like tackling your own players, I still see overall that the new game engine is a very nice new feature overall, and cannot wait until Madden 14 to see the new physics engine increased even more.

-Timing windows. Madden 13 has integrated timing windows, meaning that if a player, or defensive player must be expecting, or looking for the ball in order to react to the ball being thrown to them. This has eliminated a lot of the random unexpected passes that have taken place in the past, also eliminating a bunch of random interceptions by defensive players.

-Above I mentioned timing windows, BUT another new feature is a smarter CPU defense. With that being said, if you continuously run slants EVERY down, and think that they will continue to work, the defense will learn your plays, and probably start intercepting the ball a LOT more often. With that being said you should make an attempt to switch plays as frequently as possible, to avoid this new feature.

-Play Action. Madden 13 has enabled the user to A- cancel a play action to avoid the sack, and B- to have the play action work a lot quicker, and have the running back blocking a little bit better. This is happening because in the past any time you did a play action pass, if a blitz of any sort was selected, then you were pretty much going to fail the play. So this has eliminated part of that.

-Tebowing. While I do disagree with this (being a patriots fan) I have heard that Tebowing has been added to Madden 13. If you do not know what tebowing is, then basically it references Tim Tebow getting on 1 knee and praying.. There is a website dedicated to Tebowing pictures.

Kinect. Kinect for Xbox 360, is now available on the Madden 13 game. This allows you to control a number of features before the snap. I have personally not tried this feature yet, but it is something completely new to the game.

Ultimate Team. While I have also included a full guide to the new features on Ultimate team, if you did not read that, then basically, there is Ultimate legends, 1000 player reserve bank, solo challenges, and many more new updates to the Ultimate team. If you need to learn about that then you can read my guide, and learn all the secrets to building your Ultimate team.


Overall there are a bunch of new features that you will see on the Madden 13 game. I think they are all good choices, as I have seen many negatives in the past. Please feel free to comment below to let me know what you think, or check out many of my other guides for tips, and secrets to help you win games. Thanks for reading.


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