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Madden NFL 08: PS2 & Xbox Cheats & Walkthrough

Updated on January 20, 2009

Madden NFL 08

The 2008 edition of the American football video game, Madden NFL. Madden 08 runs with 60 frames per second on the Xbox edition and 30 frames per second on the PlayStation edition of the game. The game truly focuses on dynamic gameplay.

With the new animation in the game, you can experience mid- air collisions, one handed catches, hurdles, sideline catches, and gang tackling.

But, don't foget online game play. You can play both Season Mode and tournaments online with other gamers.

The game features:

Weapons: some of the players have special weapons that will enhance their performance.

Superstar Mode: You can now take your players from the Campus Mode and transport them into Superstar Mode.

Player attributes: Some of the players have an attribute of 100.

  • Devin Hester: speed
  • Reggie Bush: acceleration
  • LaDainian Tomlinson: elusiveness and juke moves
  • Lary Allen: strength
  • Tom Brady: awareness
  • Peyton Manning: awareness
  • Marvin Harrison: route running
  • Champ Bailey: man coverage
  • Steve Smith: seperation
  • Lorenzo Neal: impact blocking

Trophy room: you can earn trophies by completing certain tasks or in other game modes. You can wager trophies in online head- to- head contests. You can, also, earn up to 5 different rings of varying logos and colors.

Madden NFL 08 PS2 Cheats

Free Advertising

The same tip that has worked with every Madden NFL game created for PlayStation 2 from the start, is the same one that will work in Madden NFL 08. You'll need to set the advertising budget to the highest that you'd like and sim your game. You will be able to sim all of the games in a week except Monday Night Football.

At this point, you'll want to go back to "Owner Mode" and set your advertising back to zero, and sim any remaining games on your schedule for the week.

This way you will get more attendees and more revenue, and you don't have to pay for it.

This won't work if you are hosting Monday Night Football.

Madden 08 PS2 Gameplay

Madden NFL 08 Xbox Cheats

Achievements Complete the following task (in bold) in order to get the gamer points.

1 Catch by Seven Players(20)

10 Catches in a Row(15): Maximum of 5 minutes Qtr.

10 Catches with One Player (15): 10 receptions with 1 Player.

100 Percent Pass Completion (25)

100 Rec Yards with 2 Players (15)

100 Rush Yards with One Player (15)

100 Rush Yards with Two Players (30)

150 Receiving Yards (15)

150 Rush Yards in One Qtr (25)

2 Touchdown Catches with One Player (10)

20 Completions in a Row (25)

200 Kick Return Yards (20): Maximum 5 minute Qtr.

200 Pass Yards (10)

200 Punt Return Yards (20)

200 Receiving Yards (25)

200 Rush Yards (15)

250 Rush Yards (25)

3- 2 Point Conversions Passing (35)

3- 2 Point Conversions Rushing (35)

3 Rushing Touchdowns (15)

300 Pass Yards (10)

4 Sacks (10) Maximum 5 minute quarter.

4 Touchdown Passes (10)

40 Rush Attempts with One Player (15): Maximum 5 minute quarter.

40 Yard Field Goal (15)

400 Yards on Offense (10): Maximum 5 minute quarter.

50 Yard Field Goal (20)

500 Pass Yards (30)

60 Yard Pass (15)

60 Yard Run (15)

650 Yards on Offense (30): Maximum 5 minute quarter.

7 Sacks with One Player (35)

8 Tackles with One Player (10)

80 Percent Pass Completion (15): Complete 80% of the attempted passes.

80 Yard Run (35)

90 Yard Pass (30)

Average 20 Yards Receiving (25)

Average 20 Yards Rushing (25)

Complete 25 Passes (30)

Deflect 4 Passes (20)

Force 3 Fumbles (10)

Intercept 2 Passes (20)

Intercept 3 Passes (20)

Intercept 5 Passes (35)

No Dropped Passes (20): Minimum 5 minutes quarter.

No Sacks Allowed (20): Minimum 5 minutes quarter.

Recover 2 Fumbles (25)

Score 84 Points (35): Maximum 5 minute quarter.

Madden NFL 08 Kickoff Gameplay


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    • profile image

      James  7 years ago

      What I am about to say only works or works the best with quarterbacks and the middle line backer. When you create your guy put awareness all the way to zero. Fill up the other attributes as much as you CAn. When you get to your apartment ONLY participate in the interviews don't even do the iq test when you get to the iq test let the clock go to zero. After that sim till the draft when you get drafted your player will have a 99 overall PERMANENTLY

    • profile image

      answerer  8 years ago

      i nee help 2 dnt wry just train and at de end of de year ur star will get better

    • profile image

      help needer 9 years ago

      how do i increase my superstar skills (i mean permanently; performance institute doesnt seem to increase teh stats forever, just for a week) so he will be 99 overrall?

      plx helpx