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Mafia Revenge Android Game (Game Review with Game Tips)

Updated on August 20, 2017

This 2017, a new game is released, which is the mafia revenge. It is a PvP game which lets you play as one of the characters available, a gun you owned, and a car you bought. In every fight, you ride in the car together with a driver which will also help you took the enemy down by using a gun you assigned him. It also contains a story mode which will give you a chance to earn cards to recruit characters that you will send to an area to gain money and experience.

One of the characters: Roberto
One of the characters: Roberto | Source
One of the Characters: Charlie
One of the Characters: Charlie | Source
One of the Characters: Rose
One of the Characters: Rose | Source

The characters, guns and cars have its own unique abilities which you will utilize in order to dominate your enemy. Each gun also differs in stats which can be more effective if you know where to shoot them. For example, shotguns are effective if used to shoot a car down and sniper rifles are effective on taking the enemy’s health down to zero.

If you want to dominate every enemies and climb to the top there are a lot of things to consider. In order to create a strategy you will use, you need to know the strengths and weaknesses of your stuffs.

The Additional Character: Sophie
The Additional Character: Sophie | Source

The character you are using, what type of ability he have, and stats he have. There are initially three characters namely: Roberto, Rose, and Charlie. Another character has been added which is Sophie. Each character has its own advantages and disadvantages. You have to choose the one who’s skill and stats matches your strategy. For example, Charlie with huge amount of HP and armor can be used to do an uninterrupted attack for the price of some of his HP.

Who is your favorite character?

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Suggestion of Set of Guns for Battle
Suggestion of Set of Guns for Battle | Source

What's your favorite gun type?

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The gun you are using is one of the huge factor on the outcome of the game. Pistols are good if you want to have a hit and hide strategy. Pistol lets you sit and stand faster, which means a higher chance of dodging hand grenades and enemy shots. Pistols are also effective on taking enemy HP down. Shotgun, which is one of most players’ favorites (based on experience), is used to take down enemy car. Taking down the enemy car affects their mobility and will also set their car on fire. If an enemy car is on fire, they will be damaged little by little when they try to sit. In order to maximize the damage done by the shotgun on a car, aim at its engine which are revealed by repeatedly hitting the trunk of the car or its hood. Machine guns are also one of the most used guns in mafia revenge. It is used to do an all-out attack on the enemy. It is used to take down the enemy and can also leave a remarkable damage to the car. Lastly, the sniper which is used in order to take down the enemy with a few bullets. It can leave a huge amount of damage to the enemy’s HP with a single hit. Its damage can be maximize if a headshot is made using it. Each gun also have its own skill you can use to gain advantage over the enemy.

There are also things that can boost a guns performance aside from a player’s skills. These things are called gun mods. They can increase the gun’s damage to the car or character, increase the critical hit damage or critical hit chance etc.

Gun Mods That Enhances Gun's Performance
Gun Mods That Enhances Gun's Performance | Source

The type of car to be used can also give you an upper hand depending on the type of skill the car have. It can give you a boost on your character’s armor or lessen the damage from hand grenades, etc. Difference in stats can also be observed in the cars. HP is not the only thing to observe in each, mobility also plays an important part in the game.


Stats can be boosted by adding points to talents. Talents can be used to raise characters HP so you can endure more damage while returning the enemy’s bullets. You can also increase critical hit chance and damage, if you want to take the enemy down immediately. Points used for talents are earned by buying characters’ costumes or accessories and car skins.

Talents | Source

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