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Magic The Gathering Deck Builders Toolkit

Updated on March 28, 2011

Players new to Magic often do not know where to start when gathering the cards to build a constructed magic deck. The Deck Builders Tool Kit is a product designed to give new players a starting point to build their decks. Included in this kit are 20 of each basic land type, 125 semi-random cards from a preselected pool, deck-building and general play guides, four booster packs from recent sets, and a box to store your cards.

Between the lands, semi-randomized cards, and 4 booster packs, along with the guides, a new player has the tools they need to build a coherent deck. It may not be a powerhouse deck capable of winning the next pro-tour, but it will be enough to build a coherent and focused deck to play and learn the game.

Many of the included semi-random cards are staples of current top-tier competitive decks such as Lightning Bolt and Doom Blade. They don't include any money cardss but they can be find in the booster packs. Evan Erwin pulled a Jace, The Mind Sculptor in his toolkit. This mythic rare is worth close to $100.00.

They have relesed a new version of the toolkit with more current packs so you won't be pulling a Jace. However, the chance too pull a very powerful mythic to jump start your collection, such as a titian or planeswalker, is very real.

Evan Erwin Opens a Jace, The Mind Sculptor in his Toolkit

Evan Erwin Builds a Deck With His Deck Builders Toolkit

Magic The Gathering Deck Builders Tool Kit Product Information

  • Originally Released May 21st, 2010
  • Releases again March 11th, 2011 with new cards and different booster packs. In the future, Wizards of the Coast will continue to update this product with current card and booster packs.
  • Available at this time in English, French, Spanish, and German language versions.
  • 125 cards semi-random cards selected to give players the tools to build a coherent deck. At the same time the randomness insures no two players will receive the exact same product.
  • Four fifteen card booster packs from recent expansions for a total of 60 completely random cards. Each pack contains 10 commons, 3 uncommons, 1 basic land, and 1 rare or mythic rare. Some packs will also contain an additional foil card which replaces a token. These packs add even further to your customization potential giving you a chance to open some of the most powerful cards in standard.
  • 100 basic land cards including 20 of each mountain, island, plains, swamp, and forest.
  • Guide explaining the rules of Magic The Gathering.
  • Guide to deck building. Learn how the pro's build there decks and use their tips to improve your own.
  • A storage box with exclusive art for a place to keep your cards safe.
  • All at a low, low manufactures suggested retail price of $19.99.


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