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Magna Carta 2, x-box 360 review

Updated on January 21, 2012


If you had not had this opportunity to pick up this game, this is a must have for the 360 console. Produced by Bandai Namco, this RPG has a real time based fighting style with incredible moves and special attacks that are breathless, that also combines turn based attacks when fighting enemies. The story of Magna Carta 2 takes place in a kingdom of Lanzheim that is undergoing a war. The queen of Lanzheim had been usurped and Schuenzite the main antagonist had taken over the thrown. You start of in a village on a island, with the main protagonist character Juto who recently lost his memory. One of the head villagers Mellissa took him in due to his current state of mind. A war breaks out on the island, because the island had a sentinel which are monsters created for destruction. Juto Unable to pick up a sword due to a past experience has to sit and watch as the island is taken over by Schuenzite. When faced head to head with this sentinel a power is awakened in Juto and a Cinematic scene takes place in which he takes down the sentinel by striking the core of the beast. The princess of Lanzheim Zephy is introduced and allows the main character to follow her around the world to stop the rain of Schuenzite due to witnessing the power Juto has deep within.The world undergoes a plague in which something called doomseeds will fall from the sky. Temporary paralyzing you from using your abilities such as magic and special attacks. The doomseeds occur when a war is going on in which the land and earth of Lanheim is being jeopardize will fall from something from the sky called la strata. This game offers beautiful imagery in which the cinematic not only for the moves but the cut scenes as well. The voice acting is good and we all know how boring the game can be if the characters are not able to produce a more convincing character in your gameplay. If you have never played this Rpg for the 360 console this is a must have with unlimited amount of gameplay that will consume majority of your time in astonishment.

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    • zell12 profile image

      zell12 5 years ago

      Yeah I love it a lot. The storyline turned out great and the voice acting was not bad at all. Give you a feel of emotion for the characters and constant twist to the main story line! I give it a 5/5, a lot better then blue dragon, sort of reminded me of Enchanted arms!

    • Chris Qu profile image

      Chris Qu 5 years ago

      Useful hub, thank you. Most of what I hear about this game is lukewarm, but you really seem to praise it. That makes me feel better, because I was going to buy it either way. I've hit most of the other RPGs on the 360 already, so this one's time is coming!