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Neodymium Magnets / Rare Earth Magnets: Magnet Sets Make Great Gifts for Many Occasions and Many Ages

Updated on April 26, 2012
NeoCube Magnetic Balls
NeoCube Magnetic Balls | Source

Magnets are Fun and Fascinating!

There are many things that fascinated me as a child. Magnets were one of those things. I could sit and play with them for hours, trying to see how close I could get them together before one finally pulled the other. Or using a magnet to push or repel another one across a surface, or holding one in each hand trying to physically force them together against their repelling forces. They were just plain fascinating.

And I even find them fascinating today. Maybe I’m just a child at heart, but I think magnets fascinate many people. And what better way is there to create an interest in children with the sciences than using something as fun as magnets.


Magnets and the principles of magnetics are used in many practical applications. One of the first practical applications using magnets was the compass. Today, it is used extensively. Debit, credit, and ATM cards have magnetic strips with your financial institution information. Televisions and computer monitors containing a CRT use an electromagnet to guide electrons to the screen. Newer technologies such as plasma screens and LCD’s do not use magnetics.

Speakers and microphones use the complicated power of magnets to amplify the sounds. Magnetics is the principle that is utilized by electric guitars. Electric motors and generators convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. An MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) is used in medical applications. Another application is toys! Lots of useful and fun things can be used because we have learned how to harvest the power of magnets!

Neodymium Magnets are Supermagnets!

Neodymium magnets are the strongest type of rare earth magnets available today. They are called rare earth magnets because they are comprised of the rare earth elements on the periodic table of elements. They are also referred to as supermagnets. A supermagnet is extremely strong for its size, and is very affordable. These are the magnets used to create the fun products listed below.

Magnetic Balls Can Be Fun


------------------------ Magnetic Fun using NeoCube Magnets ---------------------


The NeoCube is a fantastic way to have fun while at the same time releasing creative energy and reducing stress. The NeoCube is created using the incredible strength of rare-earth ball-shaped magnets. These magnets enable you to discover the fun of creating a never-ending collection of shapes and patterns. Stimulate your brain and have fun using the NeoCube.


More fun with the NeoCube below!



--------------------------- Magnetic Fun using Geo Magnets ------------------------


Geomag is a toy that is fun for kids and adults alike. Geomag is popular worldwide, and its fans around the world compete with each other to invent and build new models trying to create the most beautiful or original.

Geomag’s building system is based on using simple yet elegant magnetic rods and spheres. In 2010, they have expanded their products to include their “WHEELS” and “World” lines. The magnetic rods and spheres are still used to create the basic structures, with the new lines used to spark new creativity. Their Geomag cars with ramps and launchers are described as being almost indestructible.

They have also added My House and My Castle lines to provide kids the opportunity to create their own little worlds using magnetic and decorative pieces.


--------------------------------------- !!!!!! WARNING !!!!!! ------------------------------------


Warning: Playing with magnets can be very addicting. It may become impossible to stop if you ever get started. Please seek help if you find yourself unable to resist the attraction to magnets. Seek immediate help should you find yourself struggling with the popularity gained when you become magnetized and develop a magnetic personality!


Magnets are not intended for use around small children. Most magnets are small enough for children to place in their mouths and become a choking hazard.

Not only are these magnets a choking hazard, but they have also been tied to intestinal tears when they have been ingested. Great care must be taken around small children.

Close supervision is required if used around young children.

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