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The legend of Zelda Majora's Mask 3D Review, an unbiased review

Updated on February 14, 2015

What do we mean by unbiased?

Experienced journalist critics and supported PR advertisers are at the forefront of gaming reviews. For most, this is one sided and all predetermined by the support chain from the developer and the news. As social media has grown, the User community has opened up about their own opinions of what makes a game good. So lets take a look together.

Majora's Mask is a great deal

Nintendo has a reputation of quality software. With each release, its expected you can and will spend upwards of 40 hours in each engagement. This is important, because it means that you can feel good paying what some feel is premium price for games. $40 for a handheld game is a steep price to pay these days, but without knowing the details of this title, this is a remake which always constitutes this was a quality game. And, of course, it's a Legend of Zelda game which speaks for itself.

The case is georgeous!

Let's start off with the casing. It looks incredible. For fans of Ocarina of Time, you'll quickly recognize many of the characters all mashed together. Great job Nintendo!

Do you really need the case? Well, not really. Digital is fine, but need to give credit where it's due.

How's the gameplay?

This particular version handles in the same way as the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D. For moments, you may even forget you're playing a new version. Controls are far superior to the N64 titles. No cramping up or moving the small control stick. It was revolutionary at the time, but the circle pro feels just right. For those interested in the New 3DS with the additional circle widget or those who invested in a circle pad pro won't go unused, but not necessary in any case. As I've found tromping again through this legend, clicking the Left trigger button is enough to keep this game going comfortably.

In comparison to other Zelda titles (those that are in a 3D plane) you'll recognize link as a slow moving child, reminiscent of a Dark Souls game. This was later remedied with an option to collect a rabbit mask, that basically enables a comfortable speed, but there is no noticeable difference from its predecessor in Link's movement.

In later games like Wind Waker, you'll get slower. Then faster in Twilight and Skyward Sword. For now, enjoy the pace and try to collect that rabbit mask early on to alleviate the pacing.

What new features does it have?

Nintendo knows what it's doing with remakes. You'll see that there is now several quick buttons and quick items to access (almost identical to Ocarina of Time 3D's enhancements). Majora's Mask plays significantly different than most games of its type in that there is a time limit, so collecting stuff and not knowing how to prioritize can seem a little overwhelming at times. In order to alleviate this issue, Nintendo has opted in to include a detailed journal section that gives updates of which event is happening and which one's you've been able to solve. In addition, you don't have to find all the songs to play the game. One song in particular slows the progress of time, so you don't feel pressured or rushed. You won't have to find this song if you play it first. Once you play it, it shows on your list of songs. This was a good change because finding these things in the game became priority before and now you can do as you please without the need to find it.

Many times you'll not know what to do. This game did not have a lot of walk through support when playing this 15 years ago. It could be very frustrating trying to figure out what to do next or what have I missed before resetting the clock. Fortunately, Nintendo has opted in to include those wonderful talking rocks that give tips and allow you to conveniently check back in the clock tower any time you feel that you are stuck.

Lastly, graphics graphics graphics. This blocky looking game was an incredible feat at its time, but to look at the N64 game in low resolution graphics today is awful. Nintendo knows that 480p makes no difference on a tiny screen, so they've once again pushed their console to the max and pushed out some gorgeous recreated environments of the original game. For fans of the series, some rooms or locations have been slightly moved, to accommodate the surroundings in better blended environment.

For those who have invested in the New 3DS, I can tell you first hand there is no noticeable difference. I think this is important to note, because an obvious expectation would be that with new hardware comes a higher resolution. This game supports all formats of the new generation of DS units and does not push itself beyond that when popping it into a new version of the hardware. Solely opinion, but having been a big supporter of PS VIta and 3DS, I can safely say you are in good hands when it comes to graphics playing this game. It won't spark any revelations like Uncharted on PS Vita, but frankly the game is more in depth and just plain fun.

Oh, I almost forgot the 3D

As some players have come to expect, the 3D in these games is a nice little addition to the gameplay. If you've got perfect eyesight and no strain, well then this feature is for you. For the rest of us trying to dab fluid on our contact lenses, it might not be a compelling selling point. On the other hand, not many people seem to be at all interested in this feature, which may have been painfully obvious in the 2DS release. Enjoy it if you'd like. Majora's Mask is an exceptional game and does a better job with 3D than other software. It's development has clearly taken this feature seriously and they've carefully detailed when things should go in and out at you. With this exceptional feature, it comes without saying that most people may not use or even take advantage of the 3D. Nintendo has released a facing tracking technology to make it more accessible in their new 3DS hardware. Whether that gets more people to use it or not is yet to be known.

So, in conclusion...

There are lots of reviews out there and we're hopeful this doesn't become your stopping point when making your decision. However, we hope that this information will better help you decide if you wish to drop 40 bombs on this game, or if you wish to wait for the price to come down (which may be another 15 years, ha ha).

Nintendo is known for its quality brands and for great experiences. If you like action adventure at its core and love puzzles, then this is a clearly an experience for you. Also, its pleasant to note that most 3DS games have some nice social features of Miiverse that allow you to share the experience with a community, add tips, or even help and get help. While this is really a reflection of its hardware and extreme success, its nice to know that help is just a touch screen push away. Happy adventuring!

Your opinion matters (no really, it does)

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