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Make Gold, Gank or be Ganked, and Pack Your Bags| 3 Essential World of Warcraft Interface Addons

Updated on May 10, 2009

Though Blizzard occasionally makes improvements to the World of Warcraft UI, there is still a great deal of functionality left to be desired. That's where Addons come in, adding valuable functionality to your WoW interface. These three addons will help you organize your bars, sort your bags and make more gold in the course of leveling. All are availiable for download from, the quintessential site for WoW mods.


The standard WoW bars are okay, but Bartender provides whole new levels of control over your bars. Resize, reposition, reconfigure to your heart's content. As you gain more expertise in the game you will (ideally) find that you start to use keybindings more and rely on bar clicking less. For this reason you can shrink your bars right down and fit a great many more spells, items and attacks onto your screen.

Bartender allows you to lock bars, lock buttons (so you don't accidentally drag them off your bars during some spirited and perhaps unanticipated PvP), and has an on board keybinding system which makes setting keys a cinch.

Download Bartender 4:

Sell Fish

At the end of quests, you'll sometimes be faced with several reward items, none of which you can use, but all of which you could sell. But which should you take? Which is worth the most? In the standard interface there is no way to tell how much an item costs until you sell it at a vendor, but with Sell Fish simply mousing over the item lets you know how much those items are worth. It also works on other items dropped by mobs, herbs, minerals, etc.

Like many addons, it is not entirely perfect. It gets its information from Wowhead, and occasionally the data may be out of date. These issues are relatively rare however, and the upsides of this mod well outwiegh the few downsides.

Download Sell Fish:


Many users find the WoW bag system clunky and irritating. Pressing B opens up all your bags at once, but it can still be difficult to locate the item you are looking for. One bag takes your bag slots and creates one large bag, (a similar effect to your bank) so instead of looking through several bags, you have just one large bag which houses all your items. It's as simple as that.

Download OneBag3:


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    • profile image

      long time reader 8 years ago

      yay hope plays wow! ... :D

    • profile image

      Najee 8 years ago

      lol omg you play WoW too? SellJunk is a good addon on too, creates a button that when clicked automatically sells all greys. Auctioneer is a better replacement for Sell Fish. Both of these are found at