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Make Millions of Col in Sword Art Online Re; Hollow Fragment

Updated on August 22, 2015

Make millions of Col easy and quickly

While the game is generous enough to give you 3 million Col at the start, you will soon notice that it's not enough. Items are expensive and since there are only few ways of getting Col, you might be wondering just how to do this.

First of all, you should have done the Hollow area and unlocked Hunting Grounds of the Judged. While you can do this in multiplayer, thus eliminating the need for unlocking it in single player, it does take longer as you need to exit the room after each run to make all the chests respawn. In single player, you can simply exit the area and the chests will respawn.

Buy some veil potions as this allows you to run past enemies without being seen. You can do this without veil potions but it takes a little bit longer. These potions aren't exactly needed, it just speeds things up.

Party up with Phillia. The reason for this is we can open any chest with her in the party - no more having to defeat all enemies around the area or find the NM and defeat it. We can just run in, open the chest and run out.

When you've gotten enough for the day or your inventory is full, head to Arc Sophia and go visit Agil. You want to sell the weapons to him and not any NPC vendor as he pays a little bit more for the weapons.

Head into the Hollow area and party up with Philia. Head to Selvendys Shrine – Front Square and then into the Shrine of Offerings. Head North into the next room where the NM Ultimate Predator is. Open the chest and obtain the weapon.

Next, head back to the teleport stone in the forest and go back to the administration area. Teleport to the Hunting Grounds of the Judged and use the teleport device closest to you. In the Gaol of the Youth, use a veil potion(or not, up to you) and open the door. Open the two chests that are behind the enemy and then locate the other two chests on this floor before exiting.

Teleport back to Selvendys to make the chests respawn and repeat the process.

Yes, it's that easy and that quick. If you're doing this in multiplayer, you will need to exit the room after getting the weapons and then remake the room before repeating the process.

Either way, you'll be raking in the Col. And at any stage of the game you're in, from just beginning to nearing the end. If you are just beginning and are at low level, the I definitely would recommend taking veil potions unless you have a high level friend that can take the aggro from the enemies.

It won't take long before you're in the tens of millions and hundreds of millions. Because items are expensive, you will want to do this when you're running low. Typically I spend my money on health potions, veil potions, teleport stones and forging some weapons with Lisbeth. Any armor I get comes from Hollow missions rather than being store bought.


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