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Make Money in Diablo 3 by Bidding on Items

Updated on July 31, 2012

Making money in Diablo 3 revolves around your ability to make gold. If you can generate high amounts of gold, you can convert your gold into real money by buying items and selling them on the real money auction house. There are several ways to make gold in Diablo 3. Some players have the time to spend building up high level characters and spending hours and hours farming (killing monsters in the game for gold and items). This strategy is designed to help the casual player who only has an hour or two a day to play the game but still wants to make some extra money by playing Diablo 3. This strategy can be used at any level with just about any amount of start up gold.

Find a Market

The first thing you need to do is find a market. The best way to do this is to start with a character class that you know well and search the gold auction house for items that you would buy. For example, I play a Barbarian. The main stat for Barbarians is strength. As I leveled, I looked for items with a combination of strength, experience, vitality, magic find, gold find, attack speed, and movement speed. After you find an item that you want for your character, look at the prices of similar items. If you wanted to buy it for your character, other players will want to buy similar items for theirs.

Do some searches to find similar items for a day or two at different times and figure out how much that item is selling for and watch to see if items are selling quickly. If you see an item on one search and then do the same search an hour later and its gone, it means that it sold. Once you find items that are selling, you have found a potential market.

Check out my Diablo 3 Blog to follow my progress as I strive to make money playing Diablo 3 as a casual player.
Check out my Diablo 3 Blog to follow my progress as I strive to make money playing Diablo 3 as a casual player.

Determine Your Buying Price

If you want to make gold and money playing Diablo 3, you need to invest your time wisely and make decisions that will give you a good return on investment. Once you find a market for an item, you need to determine what price you can buy similar items and make a profit by relisting them for a higher buy out. Remember, when you sell an item Blizzard takes out a 15% transaction fee. So if you sell an item for 1,000 gold, you will only be getting 850 in your inbox.

I try to aim for at least 100% profit on items to make it worth my time and worth taking up an auction house space (you only get 10 at a time). For example, if I can sell an item consistently for 100,000 gold, my maximum buying price is at 42,500 (100,000 x .85 / 2).

I generally win about 20% of the items that I bid on.  The more items you bid on, the more you will potentially win!
I generally win about 20% of the items that I bid on. The more items you bid on, the more you will potentially win!

Bid on Items

Once you have your buying price, its time to search for your items. Put your criteria into the gold auction house search criteria and hit search. Then sort buy lowest buy out price and do a quick double check on the current selling prices of the items in your market and adjust your buying price if necessary. Now that you have a list of all of the items that fit your criteria, go through and find items that have a current bid that is lower than your buying price. When you find an item to bid on, place your bid at your buying price. The auction system works like eBay auctions - you can set a max bid and it will automatically bid for you if someone else bids on your item at a lower price than your maximum bid. Sometimes you will get lucky and get an item for way less than your buying price, which means that you make a very high ROI on that item.

Bid on as many items as you can that are going for less than your buying price. You will probably only win about 10-20% of the items you bid on, but you will make at least 100% profit on each and everyone one that you win. If you are outbid, your gold is simply returned to you. There are no fees if you do not win an item.

After you bid on all of the items that are available in your market, go find another market! There are literally thousands of markets that can be profitable in Diablo 3. Don't just limit yourself to level 60 items. Try finding weapons markets. Try armor markets for followers. Try twink type leveling gear for players leveling second and third characters. The possibilities are endless!


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    • PBody5205 profile image

      PBody5205 5 years ago

      Once you win the item, it shows up in your auction house tab as a won/purchased item.

    • profile image

      JoJoBA 5 years ago

      How long does it take to receive your item after winning the bid?

    • profile image

      Furrball45 5 years ago

      Very well done!!! Very informative and well written!!!