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Making money on Second Life - 8 Money Making methods for New and Experienced Players

Updated on June 8, 2009

Second Life

Many people make a living off Second Life and so can you. If you don’t know what second life is it is pretty much an online virtual world. Where you can be anyone you want and just about do anything you want. The environment has mostly been created by the users.

You explore the world as an avatar or character which is a virtual representation of how you look in this amazing virtual world.  

Unlike the real world you can survive in second life without money but like all worlds there is the possibility of making money and the best thing of all the second life currency Lindens can be converted into real money US $ dollars using the Lindex Exchange.Usually 1000 lindens buys around $4 U.S. Many people make a living on second life to support there real lives.

 I’ve been playing second life for around 1 year now and have found many ways of making money and here are some of them.  

example of what a fashion designer is selling on second life
example of what a fashion designer is selling on second life

Making serious money in 2nd Life

Sell your own creations at a store

Second life holds many opportunities for experienced and beginner coders and graphic artists to sell there virtual creations online in marketplaces and stores. You can create anything from pets, clothing, and house to a virtual fish tank for your second life house.

Many clothing designers have gone digital and have given up selling real clothes to sell virtual clothes online using there designs and art skills on virtual skirts and dresses to dress second life user’s avatars in.

Second life also has an inbuilt coding language similar to java and C++ which allows programming lovers to create scripts for airplanes or cars which can then be sold to second life users.

One of the biggest markets like all things internet is all things related to adult entertainment and it can also be found on second life. Many people sell adult related creations on second life and do very well from it, it's a growing market the adult industry on 2nd life.

Sell other people’s creations affiliate  

It’s also possible to make a living selling other people’s product in an affiliate type store. Where you get a percentage of the sales all you have to do is to set up a shop. When doing this the key is to pick a seller with a good reputation and great products on offer.

Play the second life stock market  

Second life has a real life economy and stock exchange where you can buy and sell shares just like the real world in order to make profit. I didn’t delve into this area of second life much as I have a hard enough time understanding the real life stock market.

Buy and Sell land 

Virtual real estate is a big thing in second life as there are many islands for sale , and if you have enough capital you can start buying and selling land to other second life users. A very popular way of making money in second life.

Second life advertising 

Another increasingly popular way to make money in second life is through advertising either by wearing shirts that advertise a product or having a little click bubble above your avatars head which takes the user to a web address where you can click links or fill in surveys in return for lindens.

People are making good money this way as you can click a few ads and come away with about 100 lindens but the person hosting the ads would make around $1 or $2 U.S which makes this a very profitable and viable way to make money in 2nd life. Most second life users using ads are using google adsense, they will pay you linden dollars in exchange for clicks on there ads but I'm pretty sure this doesn't meet google's terms and conditions.

Making Money for casual players

there are many ways to make money for those not looking to try to make a living off second life but for those wanting to enjoy the experience more with a bit of money to customize there character and perhaps buy some land for there home.  

Join contests and win cash prizes  Joining contests and parties can be a great way to earn prizes in the form of lindens , for example there are many cash prizes for the best dressed character and some islands even choose random winners every hour or so.  

Camping Money  Camping is a well known method for collecting small amounts of lindens. Simply camping on someone islands gives them traffic and makes there island appear more popular and will encourage more users to join and possibly spend money.  

Camping is usually done on camping benches or chairs, the chairs will have a caption over it saying 10 lindens per hour or something similar you simply sit down and you receive that amount each hour.  

Many people have put it in little questions that pop up that deter bots who sit on benches all day and collect money but there are ways around that and some people have built little auto mouse clicker programs.  

Job for money  You can take a minimum paying job working for a club or island. Usually most jobs involve sitting at a desk and welcoming guests to a shop or being a club promoter. Another popular job is working as an erotic dancer at a club and pays quite well in tips from other users. 

Wooh roof party :)
Wooh roof party :)

Making your Creations Easier


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    • profile image

      Sorvea 6 years ago

      I'm a singer on Second Life, but I have a real life job (And a real life lol) Depending on the jobs, and tips, I can make as little as $100 more per month, up to $500. This could be more. I read the story of Kim Seifert who brings in a good $800 per week singing hour long sets. It's going to be expensive in the begining. Mixers can cost anywhere from $30 to $500. I use a typical karaoke mic for $8, but I've heard of people using condensor mics that value at $600. (these are all brand new pricing by the way, if your savvy, you can find some really good deals at pawn shops or such). You really have to have a passion for music, if you love it, it will return it's investment. I'd say Second Life has paid me back in all the equipment I've purchased just for what I want to do. Now, the money I make in Second Life goes right into a savings account for a new car ^_^. I will have it air-brushed with the Second Life Logo if I feel frisky enough.

    • expectus profile image

      expectus 8 years ago from Land Downunder

      glad you liked it Debbie:)

    • Debbie Brown profile image

      Debbie Brown 8 years ago

      This is the best online money making programs for the "online game lovers"

    • Youniverse World profile image

      Youniverse World 8 years ago from USA, New York

      Nice info :) some good stuff for SL :)

    • expectus profile image

      expectus 8 years ago from Land Downunder

      That sounds like a pretty awesome deal, a mall letting you put ur things up for free, just to try it out. goodluck its tough so many different stores out there some of them with there own islands too

    • HeXiS profile image

      HeXiS 8 years ago from interweb

      hmmm me likey i recently thought of selling my own designs i even found a mall willing to let me put my things of for free just to build my credibility but im thnking advertizing is my best bet..

    • profile image

      johnsons  8 years ago

      some great ways to make money on 2nd life, thanks. There are also some great tutorials out there to get started on making your own fashions for 2nd life :)