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Undead zombie horde mantic games product review

Updated on October 29, 2012

Mantic games undead zombie horde

This is a set of high quality plastic models sold by mantic games in what they (and I would) call a horde which consists of a total of 60 models at a reasonable price. These arrived in cardboard boxes labelled up as Kings of War 30 undead zombie regiment. They are intended for use in the Kings of War game written by Alessio Cavatore the rules for which are free to download, but they are usable in any 28mm scale fantasy war game for example as ghouls in warhammer fantasy battle. They are also available in a unit of 30 with or without command figures.

The sprues themselves were all well formed with no flash, each sprue contains the parts to assembly 3 whole zombies and one "half" zombie or any mixture of these combinations. Each sprue contains the following with parts for at least 60 zombies and separate sprues for 20mm bases

  • 3 leg pieces
  • 1 rising from the grave piece
  • 3 torsos with arm
  • 1 arm grasping head
  • 1 arm empty handed
  • 1 arm grasping severed hand
  • 6 zombie heads
  • 1 severed spine piece

Clever use of these pieces (and the fact that zombies do not require all vital parts) enable me to make a total of 80 zombie models from these kits swelling the hordes of my undead substantially.

Pros and cons

Pros are that they are cheaper then other competitors models meaning you can afford to buy more a important commodity with a troop that is often numerous and with units that can be expanded past their starting size. With mantics true scale they look more realistic and life like and actually fit in with other 28mm scale models. They are also excellent miniatures in themselves and even though the models are not fully poseable there is enough variety to make a hell of a lot of different zombies. I also found with a little work, imagination and conversion I was able to make an extra 20 zombie models out of this set, which did entail ordering some extra bases.

Mantic games have an excellent customer service and have in the past set me missing parts or bases with no quibbles and a fast response.

Cons are well to be honest not many, having bought mantic game products before I had expected a few "extras" as found in some of there other kits which did not seem to be present, however the extra models I made from this kit more then made up for it. Also the arm holding the head could possible have been improved by making it into a arm that had the option of adding one of the spare zombie heads into it instead. Also the leg pieces of the sprue could have done with being a little bit further away from the main sprue frame and would have made them easy to clip off.


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    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 

      5 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Undead zombie horde mantic games product review very interesting hub and you have an awesome list of hubs you have written a great review with an excellent explanation

    • murphy80 profile image


      6 years ago from Florida

      I suspect that Manticore will see an uptick in zombie sales now that the new 40k chaos dex allows for zombie troops... Up to 35 in a unit. You can't beat the Mantic price, especially for the quality you get. Good review!


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