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How to Be a Superhero, Ninja, Pirate, or Marine.

Updated on July 3, 2018
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Some of the first steps that need to be taken are listed here.

Every red-blooded American boy (and some girls) growing up wants to be a superhero, pirate, ninja, or a marine. But, how does one become a superhero, pirate,ninja, or a marine? This Hub will help your fantasies come reality.

So, How do you become a superhero? It is as easy visiting Chernobyl on your next family vacation, or during x rays getting rid of the lead protector. Or, one can make sure to get stung by a radioactive bug. Possibly throwing yourself into some toxic waste like the Toxic Avenger might be an option. Sure you you will probably die and suffer a horrible and painful death but superpowers! Become an astronaut an be bathed in cosmic rays, or work hard or be born into a billionaire family and build yourself a suit of armor (Iron Man and Batman). Looking for alien crash sights and getting a magical ring might be the right option for you. Furthermore, investigate if your local military has a super soldier program, or see if your local hospital is doing any genetic testing. Lastly, get exposed to gamma rays (I have no idea how). In any event, becoming a superhero, according to the movies and comicbooks, is super easy.

Becoming a marine is the easiest of the four to become (sort of). First of all, you need to get in and stay in shape. If you go to http://, one can click on the how to prepare to be a marine tab and get all the information you need to reach your fitness goals. Secondly, and perhaps the most fun step, you can play The Call of Duty video games to learn about different modern weapons (remember the game is not completely accurate when it comes to weapons or anything else for that matter). Thirdly, you better develop a thick skin and get used to someone yelling at you all the time. Finally yet importantly, I would talk to a marine, not necessarily a marine recruiter, to learn what being a marine is like (you do not want to decide that you do not want to be a marine at bootcamp). In closing, one should remember that being a marine is honorable but what can die or become permanently disabled in this noble occupation.

Becoming a ninja really cannot be considered an occupation, unless one becomes a Sensei, but one can learn the considerable skills of a ninja. Fortunately, there are ninjitsu schools, that you can enroll in, all around the country and the world. Again, one will need to go outside and get in and stay in shape.

In addition, you can purchase many cool ninja items and weapons (with your parent’s permission). There are also some cool books, included in this hub, that you can read about ninjas. Furthermore, there are also many cool ninja movies you can watch (they can keep you motivated or at least entertained).

Unfortunately, unless you want to go to hell on earth (otherwise known as Somalia), you cannot really become a real life pirate. In all honesty, real pirates had hard lives, and were or are scum (with the possible exception of Privateers), but you can go to renaissance fairs and pretend to be a pirate. In addition, you can watch pirate movies and read books about pirates. I would suggest that you watch the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

In closing, becoming a marine before starting a different career can be very rewarding, and make you money for college. In fact, a lifetime spent as a marine can be worthwhile endeavor. Becoming a ninja may be a little fanciful, but there are people who make a living as a ninja. Finally, becoming a pirate as an occupation is probably not in the cards but it can make for a fun and rewarding hobby.

Maybe, you can train to be a Jedi Ninja

Captain Blood

Making a Marine

What would you rather be?

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