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Mario Super Mario Brothers Star

Updated on November 8, 2012

Mario, The man, the legend


Super Mario Brothers Star Mario and the game that started it all

The Star of Super Mario Bros is non other then Mario himself. This is the game that really started it all. Mario had his starring role in the arcade alongside Donkey Kong, and later starred with his not very well known brother Luigi in attempts to clean the sewers of New York in Mario Brothers. This all led up to the fame of Mario. Super Mario Brothers starts off with Mario fighting all types of monsters to rescue the princess. Now Mario is not alone for this ride. If you were to play two players, the not so famous side kick Luigi, is ready to win the princesses heart through rescuing her. Whether you are in a battle with goombas, koopa troopas, or Bowser himself Mario battle it out. While traveling through the mushroom kingdom you will get items like mushrooms. These will help Mario grow in size so he becomes stronger. There will also be fire flowers. Once one of these flowers is absorbed by Mario he can shoot fire balls. Mario is a monster once he gets the fireballs because he can take out all enemies with it other then Giant bullets. It is also possible for Mario to get the star. Once he has absorbed the star he is untouchable. Mario can run through all enemies without any fear nothing can hurt him short of holes in the level in which he would still fall to his death, or falling into lava. The levels each contain different material. There are cave levels and underwater levels, and there are regular mushroom kingdom levels, and finally Castles. In each castle there is a disguised princess Toadstool. Toad is in each of these castles until the last one has Princess Peach waiting. Through out the game there are bricks with question marks to break to get coins and items. Whenever you get 100 coins you get an extra life and there is also extra life mushrooms. Running through the levels can be a task and takes many tries to get down. Bowser is waiting at the end of each castle and is more difficult each time. He jump up and down and shoot large flames at you. You must either run under him and get the axe to break the bridge from under him or shoot fireballs at him and defeat him. The defeat of Bowser leads to the saving of the princess. There are fish enemies and giant squid too so beware. This game is unbelievably fun still holds up after all these years. This game really defined video games and the star Mario will never be forgotten. He is the face of Nintendo even to this day. He has been in so many Nintendo games too.

Super Mario Brothers leve 1-1

Super Mario Brothers and Nes


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