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Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games for Nintendo DS

Updated on March 15, 2008

My Review of this Video Game

I really enjoy playing Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games for Nintendo Wii, so when the DS game came out I was very interested in trying it out. As usual, though, I rented the game before buying even though I was pretty certain I would like it. I was not disappointed, as this game is almost as fun as the Wii version. My problem, though, the multiplayer aspect of playing on the Wii is part of what makes the game so fun. On the DS the multiplayer is not quite as exciting, as it only offers six events. At least you can play with your friends who have a DS, but not the game because it can be played via download play.

The game has a total of 24 events, which is more than the 20 the Wii version has. It is not just four additional events, though. It actually does not some of the Wii version events and has a total of 6 events exclusive to the DS version. The main events taken out are from the Athletics and I did not miss them not being on this version. Of course, all you need to keep me happy with the Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games video game is the trampoline event, which is my favorite on the Wii and DS versions of this game.

Overall I did enjoy this game. It is fun to play the sports games and the controls are pretty easy to use, although it can be hard to excel at some of the events. The graphics are great DS quality graphics. The variety of events makes the game entertaining for a good amount of time. The lack of a good multiplayer mode is a little disappointing, though. Also, the controls are not all that exciting, but at least it does do a good job of utilizing the touch screen for the controls and is more inventive than just using the buttons.

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GymnasticsDream EventsGold Medal in Trampoline
Dream Events
Dream Events
Gold Medal in Trampoline
Gold Medal in Trampoline

List of Events in the Game

Athletic Events:



400m Hurdles

Long Jump

Triple Jump

Javelin Throw

Hammer Throw

Aquatics Events:

100m Freestyle

10m Platform (DS exclusive event)

Gymnastics Events:




Dream Events:

Dream Race

Dream Canoe (DS exclusive event)

Dream Boxing (DS exclusive event)

Dream Long Jump (DS exclusive event)

Dream Table Tennis

Dream Fencing

Dream Shooting (DS exclusive event)

Dream Basketball (DS exclusive event)

Table Tennis





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