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Marvel: Avengers Alliance - Weapon X Face-off - Deadpool vs Wolverine

Updated on January 6, 2013

Both nigh-immortal killing machines, both claiming to be the best there is at whatever it is they do (well, at least one of them), it would seem Wolverine and M:AA's newest addition, Deadpool, otherwise known as the Merc With the Mouth, are now working under Nick Fury, saving the world from the machinations of known super-villians, while trying their best not to be at each other's throats (well, not actually, though it would be entertaining to see Wolverine being particularly threatening toward Deadpool during a mission cutscene; after all, they have quite a history behind them). To my knowledge at least, both Deadpool and Wolverine, whose statuses as anti-heroes do put into question their place amid the likes of proper heroes like, say, Captain America and Iron Man, are the only characters fighting the good fight to come out of the top secret superhuman conditioning program known as Weapon X.



Adamant: Immune to Fear effects (still no clue as to what it means)

Healing Factor: Restores a small modicum of health at every turn, obviously.


Berserker Fury: Inflicts Bleeding stacked twice on an enemy. If memory serves, it was also the name of one of Wolverine's powerful area attacks in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and the X-Men: Legends series.

Adamantium Claw: Deals devastating amounts of damage with a high critical hit rate.

Brutal Slash: Inflicts Ravaged on an enemy, which magnifies damage done by Bleeding.

Healing Factor: Grants Rapid Healing on self, which restores higher portions of health to Wolverine for two rounds as well as removes and prevents application Poisoned and Bleeding status effects.

Being the brother of Sabretooth, it's not surprising that both Wolverine and Sabretooth are capable of using Brutal Slash and though to the same effect (inflicting Ravaged on an enemy), Wolverine's Brutal Slash is one hit short of Sabretooth's two-hit attack of the same name.

Being one of the two super-powered recruits in M:AA capable of inflicting Ravaged (the other being Sif), Wolverine is best used in any tactic to bleed the enemy out as quickly as possible, and only under the condition that the enemy is susceptible to Bleeding. The mutant's overall attributes are somewhat balanced, while showing a definite lean on his Attack stat, such that you need not put that much effort into boosting the few Wolverine's attributes that you might find lacking, or not at all, before concentrating all your Attack-boosting ISO-8s on the mutant.

Bearing in mind that the Bleeding effect was recently modified such that it can only be applied three times instead of five, and that a Bleeding enemy receives damage for every application of the effect before and after executing a hostile action, Wolverine (and anyone else with a Bleeding-based skill set) may be capable of dealing more damage than before, especially on enemies who take more than one action per round; the Green Goblin, for instance, against whom a Bruiser such as the Hulk or Hercules would be more than sufficient to face up.

Wolverine's skills, being nothing short of damaging, especially his Adamantium Claw, are anything other than gaudy; he is after all best at what he does, and what he does isn't exactly parlor tricks.



Healing Factor Thingie: Grants an extremely small degree of regeneration, compared to Wolverine's, with every hit Deadpool receives.

Laptop: Unleashes the full force of Facebook liking, hacking and whining about something in the game on a forum, pretty much what people do while not too busy doing anything else in the real world. In other words, pure nonsense.


Sharp Pointy Things: Deals damage with Sharp Pointy Things (hint: his swords) that ignore enemy Defense and grant OP on Deadpool, which apparently stands for Overpowered.

Bang Bang Bang: Shoots a lot of bullets at the enemy, dealing a lot of critical damage while at it with High Crits, and a lot more damage on enemy with any beneficial status effects (Strengthened, Fortified, Focused, Agile, Shield or any Regeneration effects) if OP. Grants Imba on Deadpool, whose meaning I am not too bothered about finding out.

No Holds Barred: Smashes his own health meter on an enemy, during which to even show the blurred Scrapper detail was a nice touch in itself. Removes Deadpool of all, if any, debuffs, while inflicting a random number of debuffs on enemy if Imba, or not at all. Grants Totally Broken on Deadpool.

Happy to See You: Deadpool shoots an enemy with what appears to be a large contraption pieced together with an assortment of weaponry, among which includes a flamethrower, judging from the animation. Inflicts Melt Armor on enemy if OP, whereby all subsequent attacks from your side are rendered Defense-ignoring. Inflicts Buff Blocker if Imba, which removes and prevents the afflicted enemy's application of beneficial effects on self. If Totally Broken, deals more damage on enemy with any debuffs (Burning, Poisoned, Chilled, Bleeding, Combo Setup, Dizzy, Weakened, Exposed, Slowed or Stun). Grants Super Heroic on Deadpool under the circumstance that he becomes a Level 16 Ranger (No, I'm not kidding here).

Well, he finally made it as an Avenger. Sort of.
Well, he finally made it as an Avenger. Sort of.

The one and only Merc with the Mouth, Deadpool is among the only four sword-wielders in M:AA, and pairing him up with any of the other three (Sif, Magik or Valkyrie) will earn you the 'You Have My Sword' post-battle bonus. Introduced seemingly to play the role of comic relief in the game, the mercenary's got quite a number of tricks up his pockets, all of which are devastating by their own right, if used properly, and do outweigh, if slightly, other annoying aspects of him.

One of the noteworthy aspects about the Crimson Comedian is his tendency to break the fourth wall, a method employed by a character in a play or any other storytelling medium (in Deadpool's case, comic books) to reach out to the audience, usually for comedic effect while everyone else co-existing with the character in the same context remain oblivious to the world beyond, and in Deadpool's case, is forced only to dismiss such a tendency as a symptom of the mercenary's mentally unstable nature.

Here, you can only expect Deadpool to be as irritating toward other characters in whatever comic book escapades they may find themselves in. Only difference is, considering the lack of in-game character interaction during battles, this leaves only the player to be on the receiving end of Deadpool's antics, which includes random usage of a laptop to Facebook 'like' anyone during battle, be it foe or ally. It may seem somewhat amusing at first, watching Deadpool muck about with his laptop, before it becomes a bit distracting and, as the novelty is lost after using him a couple of times, time-consuming.

Then there's Deadpool's ability to 'Whine on the Forums', whereby Deadpool drops something resembling a baseball bat from above on a random enemy, which considerably lowers all of said enemy's stats. The downside of it? He's got a particularly nasty habit of 'nerf'-ing himself as well whenever he please. Thank the Internet gods he's not programmed to do it on his allies, in which case I would be happy to suggest that everyone else on his side is allowed to beat him to a bloody pulp for one round if he chooses to do so.

Finally, there's Deadpool's mad hacking skills (L33t Hacking Skillz), which, again, occurs only by chance, that is, whenever he feels like it. Deadpool hacks into an enemy (thankfully), causing him or her to either lose one round (Forced Refresh), or gain an extra round after losing it. If the odds are in your favor, the enemy may be rendered immobile till the end of the battle, Emphasis on 'if'.

Deadpool's Healing Factor Thingie applies on him a pitiful regeneration effect (Green Numbers!) that only lasts for two rounds for every hit he takes, which can be quite potent if he's dealing with enemies who dish out multiple hits in one round, though not as efficient as Wolverine's, from which Deadpool's healing factor was actually derived. Also, the description of Green Numbers (Mmm, that feels good), may be an indicator of Deadpool's masochistic nature, amid many others.

As to his offensive, I usually use Bang Bang Bang and then No Holds Barred more frequently than any other possible Deadpool combos, the fun of which is that you can never really tell what your enemies may get every time. Debuffs, I mean.

In case you're wondering, it's a Forrest Gump reference.
In case you're wondering, it's a Forrest Gump reference.

I only save his most devastating offensive, Happy to See You, for enemies with high health points, usually enemy bosses, as not only does it consume the most health, it also depends on how you would want to go about finishing the battle. For instance, you may want to go with applying all the random debuffs, if any, on an enemy with No Holds Barred, and being Totally Broken, Deadpool will deal the final blow with maximum force through its Exploitation effect. Most of the time, I only use Deadpool's fourth move soon as he 'levels up' during battle, giving him the Level 16 Ranger effect, in which case he would then apply on himself the Super Heroic effect, which allows him to do more damage while taking less damage in return. Note that the Level 16 Ranger effect happens only by chance, like everything else,

All said and done, if you're after the efficient, no-nonsense killing machine, Wolverine's the mutant you'll want in your arsenal. If you're after one that is all nonsense and theatrics, Deadpool may be the loose cannon you'll ever need, as I doubt Playdom will be introducing any other troublemakers in the future to M:AA (looking at you, Agent X).

Which do you think would win in a fight, Deadpool or Wolverine?

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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      i am a level 60 , you bub

      wolverine is awesome and deadpool would be a punk

      i have taken wolverine and at level 3 wolverine i defeated level 9 wolverine which made a bad expression on me

      wolverine's protect is very awesome followed by the berserker rage stongest attack og wolverine

      best for bleeding


      healing factor


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