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Marvel Puzzle Quest - Dark Avengers Strategy Guide

Updated on February 27, 2015

Dark Avengers Tactics

It's good strategy in general to know the strengths and weaknesses of different Marvel Puzzle Quest characters and how they interact. A good grasp of the strengths and weaknesses of the Dark Avengers characters, will help you win better prizes in many special events, especially the "Bad is Good" special event.

The Player versus Player (PvP) special "Bad is Good" event is a good place to build more than one team of Dark Avengers characters. This event doesn't come around as often as some other themed tournaments such as "Blind Justice" (Daredevil) or "Hollowpoint Kiss" (Black Widow), but it is still worth familiarizing yourself with the advantages and limitations of the Dark Avengers characters. Some of them are among the best in the game.

Before the more cumbersome name was shortened to Marvel Puzzle Quest, MPQ was called Marvel Puzzle Quest Dark Reign. The game's central plot has been built around the Dark Reign story arc from Marvel Comics. It's no surprise that the Dark Avengers make up some of the most useful and versatile characters in the game, as they were central to the Dark Reign plot line in Marvel Comics.

Daken (Dark Avengers Wolverine)

2-Star Daken (Dark Avengers Wolverine) is the best Wolverine character, taking into consideration his cost to fully level up. He has the most effective healing power, and drops strike tiles more rapidly than any other character. Pairing him with Black Widow Classic is a recipe for victory. Daken has also been released as a 3-Star character (Daken Classic) and features the same abilities with enhanced stats.

Daken (Dark Avengers Wolverine) is a super versatile character, and one of the best Dark Avengers. I avoid enemy teams that have Daken paired with Hulk, Wolverine, and especially Original Black Widow. Her Espionage ability uses the strike tile bonus Daken creates on both attacks. Additionally, like all Wolverine characters, Daken's healing abilities provide "True Healing", meaning his regained health will be available outside the current match. By contrast, healing powers such as Original Black Widow's Anti-gravity device or Spider Man's Web Bandages only last for the current match.

When I see Daken on an opponent's team I will often down him first. The only characters I'll eliminate before Daken are Bullseye and Storm (Modern & Mohawk). This is a double edged sword, though. You have to consider your team's damage strength per turn against Daken's healing power. If you're barely making a dent in him, don't waste time fighting him till you have enough Attack Points (AP) built up for some high damage super power attacks. While you whittle him down, the enemy team is saving AP up to destroy you. Depending on who you have on your team in the current match, you might consider eliminating enough blue tiles to cause Daken's healing to backfire, causing him to lose health every round rather than heal.

I highly recommend you fully level up 2-star Daken and keep him in your roster. He is a highly versatile support for the featured characters in any event. His awesome strike tile dropping power is passive, you can use the green AP he generates to fuel other team mates. I rarely use Daken's blue ability, "Chain Reaction", as I prefer to have he strike tiles on the board rather than swap them for a short term attack of about 500 points. If Original Black Widow is on your team with Daken, you definitely want to hold onto those strike tiles.

The recent addition of Deadpool Daily PvE events, makes 2-Star Daken more valuable as a character than ever before. Two of the nodes in these special daily Player versus Environment (PvE) events require a team of 2-Star Characters.


Bullseye has the best defensive power in the game. In only a few turns he can reduce the damage from enemy attacks to almost zero. His protect tile dropping power is better than Magneto (Classic) and Iron Man 38. Like Daken, Bullseye is a versatile character that supports almost any team, making him a good choice for Player versus Player (PvP) events where you often have to use a featured character who may not be in your usual roster.

Among all characters, Bullseye is definitely one to knock out first on an enemy team. The only character I would ever attack before Bullseye is Storm (Classic), or a high level Modern or Mohawk Storm. Bullseye is not a player favorite despite having the best Protect tile dropping ability in the game. He does have two limitations that need to be kept in mind.

First and foremost, Bullseye's health is very low even when maxxed out, only 2460pts. You'll need a strong tank character with a purple ability, to stay out front and protect him from damage. Also, Bullseye's black ability, Murderous Aim, takes a large amount of AP to use. At 18AP, more often than not you'll finish the current match before Murderous Aim can be activated. However, Murderous Aim makes a terrific Team Up tile to pass along to your alliance buddies.

Yelena Belova

Yelena's a weaker character; I kept her in my roster specifically for "Bad is Good" and "Lone Star Skirmish" events. She is definitely the weakest Black Widow in MPQ. Use her with Bullseye, and Daken. In Lone Star Events, team her up with Venom and Storm Modern. I wouldn't save Yelena if you need a roster slot for a stronger character.

I like Yelena, but she is one of the most hated characters among experienced players. The primary complaint is that while she's weak on Health and Power, her Black AP power is so expensive it hardly ever charges. Bullseye and Yelena have a combo move that requires activation of both of their Black AP super powers. I have played this game since it was first released, and in all that time I've never pulled off a Bullseye/Yelena combo.



Ragnarok's powers are a waste of Attack Points (AP). When I was a newer player I'd have an A-Team and B-Team for Featured Events, because I'd run out of health packs to keep my A-Team competing. Ragnarok, Moonstone, and Daken make a decent B-Team. Team Raganrok up with characters who can use red and green AP.

Rags is definitely the worst "tank" character in marvel Puzzle Quest. I'm wary of fighting enemy teams that have a high level Ares or Thor, but I never worry about Ragnarok. I keep him in my roster out of habit, he used to be a featured character in weekly Lightning Rounds. He is basically a damage sponge and not much else.


Leveled Up, Moonstone can be deadly as Ares. Her red special power can do well over 2000 damage when activated. Her black special power, Control Shift, snatches control of the enemies' countdown tiles for your team; it makes her Hawkeye Modern's natural enemy.

Moonie's usefulnes will eventually wear out as you collect more 3 star characters, Her Red and Black special powers are good, but the purple one, Gravity Warp, is pretty useless. It's good to team her up with a character who can make better use of the purple AP she generates.


I don't like using characters that damage themselves, or especially their whole team. Ares is a real gambler's character. He is a solid tank, with powerful attacks and high life points, but if the gems don't fall your way, he can do more harm than good.

That being said, Ares is definietly a better tank character than Juggernaut or Ragnarok. Although I never used Ares, I kept him in my roster because I respect his power. I rarely engage enemy teams that have a high level Ares. Ares yellow power features a countdown tile that gives him back some of the health he lost when the power activates. The health recovered from that countdown tile counts as true healing, allowing Ares to participate in more frequent matches.


Venom is a decent 1-Star character when you're new to the game, but his usefulness wears out quickly. I used to keep him on my roster because he works in two different types of Special Event, "Bad is Good" and "Lone Star Skirmish". His stun power is a waste of AP, pair him with someone who uses purple.

Yelena Belova and Venom pair well because his purple stun power is kind of a waste of AP, and Yelena's black AP is too expensive to reliably activate. Let Yelena use the purple and Venom the black AP.


Sentry is an even bigger danger to his own team than Ares. I made no effort to acquire him as a prize when he was a new character. Even with a healer on your team, he can leave your characters injured, making things tougher for your next match.

There is no denying that his powers can do some serious damage. He's a real gambler's character. If you like to play it risky, you might like using Sentry. Just be careful he doesn't wipe out his own team along with the enemy. I have found that the only reasonable defense against Sentry's World Rupture power is to have Hulk on your team. He has enough Health to withstand the countdown tile damage, and Hulk's passive black power sends damage back to the enemy after each World Rupture tile activates.

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