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Mass Effect 3: An Introduction to Weapon Weight

Updated on March 18, 2012

As the last game in the series, you couldn't expect the developers to avoid tinkering with the battle system a bit. One of the big changes they've added for Mass Effect 3 is the introduction of weapon weight.

This time around, Shepard can carry any weapon type she wants, from pistol to sniper rifle. If you want to carry as many weapons as you can, you'll need to manage your weapon weight.

Over or Under

Shepard can only carry so much gear at one time. When you go to a weapons bench, you'll be presented with a colored bar that will tell you how close you are to the weight limit. Try to stay out of the red. If you are over your weight limit, your abilities will recharge slower than usual. The more over the limit you are, the slower your abilities recharge. This can be especially troublesome if your Shepard is a biotic.

On the other hand, the farther under the limit you are, the quicker your abilities will regenerate. In this manner, you can trade weapons for quick recharge times. You could, for example, carry only two or three guns, but rely on your abnormally fast recharge time to make up the difference.

Upgrading and Modding

In the Normandy's Armory, you can purchase weapon upgrades right next to the weapons bench. If you can spare the credits, you can upgrade your individual weapons. Every upgrade improves a number of stats, including weight. You can see what version of weapon you are using by the roman numeral next to it. For example, a "I" model gun will be much heavier than a "V" model gun.

You can also use weight modifications that will decrease the weight of your weapon. This is especially useful for secondary weapons that you may not have taken along otherwise.


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