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Mass Effect 3 Hijacking Atlas Mechs or Destroying Cerberus Atlas Mechs General Tips

Updated on March 12, 2012

In Mass Effect 3, you will face large Atlas Mechs that are being operated by the Cerberus soldiers. The Cerberus organization want Commander Shepard dead and will do everything they can to stop him. While Commander Shepard worked for Cerberus in Mass Effect 2, the organization apparently no longer needs him, as they are hunting him down in Mass Effect 3. Atlas Mechs have very strong shields/armor and have the ability to shoot rockets and machine guns. It's best to fight Atlas Mechs from a distance, as the Atlas is also capable of using melee attacks at close range. While the Atlas is very powerful in terms of offense and defense, they are very slow and can be hijacked by Commander Shepard.Atlas Mechs make appearances in both Mass Effect 3's single player and multiplayer. The Atlas Mechs can not be hijacked on multiplayer, however. But in single player they can.

Fighting Atlas Mechs in Mass Effect 3 (info may be edited/added later)

Commander Shepard will face several Cerberus Atlas Mechs throughout the story. Usually other Cerberus soldiers will assist the Atlas, so do not ignore them (if any). On cooperative multiplayer, Atlas Mechs will make appearances in the higher rounds.

General Tips For Destroying Atlas Mechs

  • Do not take an Atlas Mech on at close range unless it's absolutely necessary. Keep your distance and stay behind cover. Watch out for it's rocket attack that can cause massive damage to your shields and/or health. If it is flanking, move to new cover.
  • In Multiplayer, one shot from the Cobra Missile will take out an Atlas (except on Gold difficulty -- shields need to be damaged)
  • It is possible to hack an Atlas Mech by using Sabotage
  • Grenades work quite well (very useful if near ammo crates in Mass Effect 3 multiplayer)
  • The "Pull" power can stagger an Atlas for a few seconds (if pull is upgraded enough)
  • Overload can damage shields. If you don't have this power bring a squad member that does and order them to use it.
  • Weaken armor (evolved power) Warp is effective for taking down shields

Mass Effect 3 Atlas

Mass Effect 3 Atlas

Obviously, everyone's fight with an Atlas in Mass Effect 3 will be different because some players will not have access to certain powers depending on the class they are playing as in single player or cooperative multiplayer. Just make sure you fire a lot of bullets at the Atlas from a distance before it closes in at close range. Don't stay out in the open too long, however, as the rocket attack can cause massive damage. The damage from the rocket could leave you vulnerable to attacks from other Cerberus soldiers. Which is another important thing to remember, do not ignore other Cerberus enemies while fighting an Atlas, they are still a threat! If possible, eliminate Cerberus soldiers first, then focus on the Mech (unless the Atlas is the bigger threat in a situation).

Hijacking Atlas Mechs in Mass Effect 3

Commander Shepard can actually hijack an Atlas and use for himself. Note this can not be done in cooperative multiplayer.

How to hijack an Atlas

  • To hijack an Atlas, you need to destroy the cockpit window and the soldier inside. (unless you find an unmanned Atlas)
  • Focus fire on the cockpit window -- not the armor.
  • Do not damage the Atlas too much or it will just be destroyed
  • The sniper rifle is very effective for taking out an Atlas Cockpit window. Shoot at the window from a distance with a sniper rifle. Once the window is destroyed, kill the Cerberus soldier inside.

Other weapons can take out the window of an Atlas, but the sniper rifle may make things a bit easier. Once the soldier is dead inside, simply climb into the Atlas, it's all yours!

The Atlas in Mass Effect 3 is great for killing Cerberus troops. You are using their own weapon against them!

How do you fight Atlas Mechs?

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    • profile image

      Spencer 5 years ago

      I've used the javelin to hijack and I've done it quite a few times now.

    • profile image

      Blake 5 years ago

      Armpit?? Lol

    • profile image

      Mitch 5 years ago

      I wa doing this just earlier with the Black Widow X, and I was all like "why isn't the glass breaking?". The armpit does seem to have to be VERY low for a success. I shall trial with a light sniper tomorrow.

    • David 470 profile image

      David 470 5 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States

      Good point. It will depend on the type of sniper rifle you use.

    • profile image

      demi 5 years ago

      FYI- After you bring down the shields and are targeting the window, the glass won't bust until the atlas armor only has a few (1-3) segments of health. You might want to use an assault rifle or some other weapon to kill the driver. Sometimes the sniper rifle can overkill and blow the mech up b/c the health is so low. Also make sure the mech is far enough away from a wall so that you can jump in the front.

    • profile image

      derpeh 6 years ago

      just in case people didn't read the whole thing *cough psy cough* no you can't in multiplayer sadly......too bad there is no way to detect sarcasm cuz now i prolly look like a dick

    • profile image

      Psy 6 years ago

      do u know if you can hijack the mech in the multiplayer game

    • xamaria profile image

      xamaria 6 years ago from Deep space

      I. HATE. those. mechs x.x I remembered them very well. ARGH!