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Mass Effect 3 New Extended Ending DLC Coming Soon

Updated on April 10, 2012

Many fans were not content with the ending of Mass Effect 3 for a number of reasons. BioWare has listened to feedback from the fans and has decided to create an extended Mass Effect 3 ending. This is not a new ending, however. It merely expands upon the multiple endings that you choose in Mass Effect 3. The ending of Mass Effect, quite frankly, left fans with more questions than answers. This extended ending will elaborate on the events more, to provide closure to fans of the Mass Effect series.

Mass Effect 3 Extended Ending Will Be Free

This is not some money making move by BioWare, though. The Mass Effect 3 extended ending will be free to players. It should be free anyhow, considering many fans were not content because of the lack of "closure" in Mass Effect 3's ending.

The power of Mass Effect 3 fans

Quite frankly, it is quite amazing that BioWare has actually decided to make DLC because of fans complaints. When it comes to the gaming industry these days, it just goes to show you how powerful fans are. If the developers do not appease fans, they may end up losing fans.

Why Fans Demanded New Ending in Mass Effect 3 (SPOILER ALERT!)

(Spoilers Ahead!) One of the reasons why many fans disliked the ending(s) of Mass Effect 3 was because many of the endings were similar. Whether you chose to destroy the reapers, control the reapers, or you chose the synthesis ending, Commander Shepard dies. Also, the Mass Relays get destroyed on every ending and the Normandy crash lands on an alien planet. With the Mass Relays destroyed, species will not be able to travel to other parts of the galaxy, essentially leaving everyone stranded on Earth or whatever planet they were on.

The endings were all very similar, but had a different meaning behind them and also had different color coded lights. Many fans felt like they wasted their time uniting the Krogans, Turians, Salarians etc..only to see Shepard die and see all the Mass Relays destroyed, leaving everyone stranded. Also, choices you made throughout the Mass Effect games did not impact the endings in anyway (except for seeing different squad mates coming out of the Normandy when it crash lands).

And lastly, there was very little closure to Mass Effect 3. There was no dialogue in the last few minutes of Mass Effect 3, except for the little boy asking his grandfather about Shepard (implying his legacy lives on years later). What happened to everyone back on Earth? Earth took severe damage from the Reapers and supplies are likely low, especially considering they will not be able to recieve help from other parts of the Galaxy with the Mass Relays destroyed. What happened to your former squad mates? Did they die or are they alive?

Commander Shepard united many of the races to fight against the reapers in Mass Effect 3. However, it almost seemed pointless now that everyone is stranded due to the Mass Relays destruction. Will the Krogans still hold grudges against the Turians and vice versa?

There are many more questions than answers in Mass Effect 3 endings. Hopefully, the extended ending will give players what they want -- closure...


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    • SubRiot88 profile image

      SubRiot88 5 years ago

      Nice article. If you're interested, I upload video game commentaries to YouTube that are entertaining and helpful. Oh and I voted up and awesome!

    • profile image

      Nick 6 years ago

      This is one of the greatest games I have ever played but the ending was a shot in the stomach I hope they fix it up because I really love this game

    • nitomko profile image

      nitomko 6 years ago from United States of America

      I found the ending pretty disappointing for a lot of the reasons you've mentioned. I would also argue that the star child comes from nowhere and it's argument extremely flawed, contributing to the agitation. even with the news of this "extended" ending, i doubt it'll make anything better. perhaps I am being a pessimist.

    • profile image

      Tyler 6 years ago

      I didn't much like the ending but it wasn't horrible it just had a lot of plot holes. Like why the Normandy ended up being stuck on some planet but overall it was a great game

    • profile image

      leo 6 years ago

      Great game.

      Regardless the ending.