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Meet the Newest Historical American Girl Dolls - Cecile and Mary Grace

Updated on September 21, 2011

The American Girl doll brand is famous for presenting some of the most exquisite and inspiring dolls in their collection. For their latest effort, the AG line presents best friends Cecile Rey and Marie Grace Gardner.

Cecile and Marie Grace are the two newest American Girl dolls featuring the same story but two different characteristics. Cecile and Marie Grace are best friends set in 1853 of New Orleans. These two girls face adventures from helping orphans to participating in masquerades. The time for these two girls closely overlaps with Kirsten’s time, one of the most successful American Girl doll released by the manufacturer. Cecile and Mary Grace stories would involve adventures during troubling times in New Orleans due to the Yellow Fever Epidemic.

Cecile and Marie-Grace

Cecile Rey is a confident andoutspoken girl who comes from an affluent African-American family in the New Orleans community back in the 1850s. She wishes to become a stage actress somedayand has a penchant for poetry, storytelling and recitation.Her nickname is Cece.

Marie-Grace, on the other hand, was born in New Orleans but had to move to East Coast after her mother and young brother died. She went back to New Orleans because her father can not find the right home for them. Because of moving too much and not having a stable home for years, she has grown to be shy girl.However, she is described as very caring especially with babies and children.

Cecile and Marie-Grace AG dolls

Cecile and Marie-Grace both came in 1850s outfits that are very distinct and authentic for the era that they are representing. Cecile dons a teal satin dress accented by black velvet and rosette adornment. She has dark skin and beautiful deep brown curly hair. Completing her outfit are white pantalettes, knee-high stockings and black boots.

Marie-Grace has a pink plaid taffeta dress with lace trimmings and puffed sleeves. Just like Cecile, she also has white pantalettes, stockings and boots. Her accessories include brimmed beribboned hat and fan.

Of course, the dolls can also be bought separately for those who only want one particular doll or saving up for the second. A Cecile doll along with her book would cost $100 and the same goes for Marie Grace. Doll, book and accessories would be around $119 and having both girls is priced at $234.

Books for Cecile include:

Meet Cecile

Cecile’s Gift

Troubles for Cecile

Books for Marie Grace include:

Meet Marie grace

Marie Grace and the Orphans

Marie Grace Makes a Difference

Clothes and Accessories for Cecile include:

A box set is also available as well as a play scenes and paper dolls featuring these two friendly characters. Matching outfits are also available in accordance with the girl’s adventures. Featured games, excerpts and video clips of the two new girls are also available in the American Girl official website.

All in all, the Cecile Rey and Marie Grace Gardner dolls are a new and exciting turn for its producers. For the girls, it’s an even more fun playtime with endless possibilities about scenes, situations, accessories and dresses. Little girls will love not only the dolls but the personalities and stories the books will provide for its readers. The dolls are already in the market and ready for eager young girls to play with. Like most American Girl products, Cecile and Marie Grace not only feature exquisite clothes but also quality craftsmanship. As collectibles, they would look excellent displayed inside glass cabinets. Of course, playing them would be much more fun, right?


Cecile - Clothes and Accessories

Cecile's clothes the American girl collection include:

Crinoline & Chemise

Cécile's Special Dress Cécile's

Nightwear for Dolls Fancy Dress & Fairy Costume

Cécile's Parlor Outfit

Her furniture and playset include:

Cecile's Bed and Beddings

Parlor Desk

Parrot and Games

Her accessories include:

A teal hat, trimmed with a bow,

pretty necklace with a pearly pendant

dainty white gloves


Marie -Grace - Clothes and Accessories

Marie-Grace clothes and accessories from the American Girl Collection include:


party Outtfit

fancy coat

skirt set

wide-brimmed hat with ribbons

heart locket

lacy fan

vanity set

and she has a dog named Argos

You should know first though that Cecile and Marie are not “best friend dolls”. Best friend dolls usually mean that one doll is the main character while the other comes off as an accessory. Instead, both Cecile Rey and Marie Grace are main characters in their own storyline with each girl having three books to her name. This means that little girls will enjoy each character and know them individually as well as learn more about their friendship.

What makes this doll unique is that Cecile Rey one of the few African American girls coming from this line. A lot of people have already been asking for one and AG finally answers their request. Despite their different backgrounds though, the girls become good friends and manage to solve problems together.


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    • Gypsy Willow profile image

      Gypsy Willow 5 years ago from Lake Tahoe Nevada USA , Wales UK and Taupo New Zealand

      Until my granddaughter was born I had no idea what an American doll meant. They are charming and beautiful.. Good hub.