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Best Metal Detectors

Updated on November 3, 2022

When I was a kid I used to see a number of old men hanging round the playground (erm, not that kind of old man!) waving odd looking contraptions over the ball field and surrounding areas. Every once in awhile they'd stop to pick something up and stick it in their pocket. I had no idea what they were doing, but they really seemed to enjoy doing it. Years later I realized they were treasure hunting with a metal detector, and many of them often did find some type of treasure. Hunting for coins, gold or silver jewelry may not sound all that exciting to some people, but to others is it a proper hobby and one that actually pays very well sometimes! Imagine finding a diamond ring with your metal detector? Or a piece of gold or silver that could be sold for lots of cash? Treasure hunting sounds more exciting now, doesn't it? Below you'll see a list of popular metal detector brands such as Bounty Hunter, Garrett and Tesoro which range from hobbyist to professional quality, depending on what you're looking for.

Bounty Hunter Gold Nugget

Obviously, this isn't the metal detector itself, but it is compatible with all Bounty Hunter metal detector models. If you'd like to search for gold, you can attach the Bounty Hunter Gold Nugget Coil to your Bounty Hunter detector and make like a pirate! It's clever about being able to tell the difference between gold and other metals, iron and junk. It's small enough to be able to scan narrow areas and is also waterproof. It's said to detect gold as far as 8 inches under the ground!

Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300

The Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 has enough technical wizardry to keep an experienced treasure hunter happy, whilst not being too complicated for a novice. A very lightweight metal detector (2.4 pounds), it's easy for anyone to use comfortably and with ease. It has a jumbo screen with specific targeting and it even lets you "zap" items you don't want to check out. Runs on two 9-V batteries and has a 5 year warranty.

Garrett GTI 2500

Wow! The Garrett GTI 2500 metal detector is very impressive! And well it should be, as it's their top of the line model! If you're a serious treasure hunter, this baby is for you! You can set the detector to ignore certain metals, the Treasure Vision LCD screen tells you the depth, expected identity and size of items. You can even use it after sunset! This is definitely the Cadillac of metal detectors.

Garrett Ace 150

The Garrett Ace 150 is another popular Garrett metal detector but isn't quite as fancy, and therefore costs considerably less. At 4 lbs, it also weighs a bit more than the previous model, but no so much that it should bother most people. You can adjust the sensitivity of the metal detector and make good use of the intuitive control system, which also provides an indication of coin depth.

Tesoro Silver uMax

Tesoro actually offers a lifetime guarantee for their Silver uMax metal detectors (which are made in the USA!) The Tesoro uMax is quiet, requires only one 9-V battery, is capable of using several coils and has a built-in mineral rejection. It doesn't have a digital readout like some of the more advanced metal detectors, but many people prefer to rely on their own ears and really "listen" to their Garret metal detectors, and they appear to be a satisfied bunch of treasure hunters!


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