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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance walkthrough, Part Eight: Search the Research Facility

Updated on February 21, 2013

Desperado Industries could only hide for so long before Raiden found 'em out, and one trip through the sewers later he's on the front step of their underground research facility. Let's see what waits inside, yes?

Immediately within the facility are two cameras whose targeting lasers you can easily run under. In the next room you'll find an Electrolyte Pack and a Cardboard Box; use the Box to get under the laser on the stairs and go up and through the door at the top. Doktor will identify the next space as the UG Maintenance Area. Apparently Raiden needs a DOOMP from one of the UGs 'round these parts - like, say, a Vodomjerka - to continue.

The next room is supposed to require a stealth approach. You need to get to a door on the bottom floor without being seen by the patrolling guards. This isn't that bad; just watch where they go and hop off the catwalk at the far end from the exit (where you'll also find a Repair Nanopaste). If you decide to fight (or get caught) you'll have to face a few soldiers, as well as two Raptors. The Raptors come out one at a time, though you can end up fighting both at once if you kill the soldiers first. Focus on the first Raptor instead to make your job a bit easier.

Enter the next room. You'll face a rather disconcerting possibility as to what's being done in this facility, and shortly thereafter an alarm will sound. You'll face five soldiers back in the previous room. They're all pretty simple; take them down with decisive Zandatsu strikes. Head into the next corridor in this room after the troops are dead and you'll find… a Dwarf Gekko?

A Dwarf Gekko! You're now in command of one! Interesting. You're given a slew of suggestions as to guiding this thing, but as long as you stay away from the soldiers you're safe. Make your way through this passage to the bend, check the top-right corner of the bend for a Data Storage atop some crates, look for a vent around the second bend for another Data Storage, and make your way onto the walkways. Go through a vent along the walkways to find a computer terminal. (Note that if you want to get an A on this segment, you have to take out the guards and the other Dwarf Gekkos. Catch them by surprise for easy enough fights. Don't let them see you taking down their fellows - your Dwarf Gekko can't take much damage at all.)

After a cut scene you'll be back in control of Raiden. Enter the room and you'll get to face down anything you didn't already knock out as the Gekko, which, admittedly, isn't a whole lot of resistance in the first place. Check the walkways above for a box you can slice open for an Endurance +1 before going through the door on the bottom floor. Check the next hall for a few items and keep going. The next area seems rather empty -

- but looks are, as usual, deceiving. A heavy-artillery GRAD is here, and it's not happy to see Raiden. Battle time!


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