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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance walkthrough, Part Nineteen: Jetstream Sam

Updated on February 26, 2013

Raiden is making his final dash out of Denver, and he's using an awesome motorcycle to do it. Will his escape involve some high-speed shenanigans on said awesome motorcycle? Perhaps? Maybe? Almost certainly?

Amazingly not. Raiden is greeted at the launch site of his one-way ticket to Pakistan by none other than Jetstream Sam, the only remaining Desperado cyborg still in Raidens way. Sam doesn't bother mincing words like everyone else. He just wants to get down to a fight. Raiden's perfectly fine with that sentiment.

Jetstream Sam's battle is, like many other bosses, a three-phase brawl. His tactics change subtly as you do more and more damage. But unlike other bosses these changes aren't that drastic, and if you can handle one of Sam's forms you'll almost certainly be able to handle them all.

The first fight is virtually identical to your original battle with Sam, though now you have a lot more room to move around. Sam plods slowly about, guard almost always up, and he'll wait for you to get close (or really far away) before he launches one of his incredibly-fast sword swipes. All you can really do here is parry or, less likely, get out of the way. Jumping isn't a bad tactic with Sam, as he uses overhead strikes a bit less often than horizontal, though don't count on it for overall safety. Parrying successfully is also the only way to get in a good Blade Mode hit to bring on the next phase. Wait for Sam to be thrown off balance by one of your parries or dodges before moving in to beat him up - he'll block everything otherwise.

The key for much of this fight, unless you see an opening, is to wait for Sam to make the first move. If you zip in and try to attack him normally he'll block most of your hits and likely catch you in the middle of a combo, when you're vulnerable. If you do like going on the offensive, be ready to cancel out of your combos with a quick parry if you see Sam flashing red. Your pole-arm is your best weapon for most of the fight, though don't get too carried away with combos.

In the second part of the battle, Sam is disarmed. This makes him a lot less dangerous, but not as much as you might like. Now Sam's attacks all consist of straightforward, relatively predictable rushes that will piledrive you if you don't parry in time. He's similar to Sundowner, though without the risk of explosives. Block and chop, block and chop. Sam will quickly tire of this and grab his sword again.

Now he's serious. Though many of Sam's attacks are similar to the first phase of the fight, he's also much more likely to zip forward and try to explosively slice through you three or four times in a row, not unlike the battle against Monsoon. You have to block, reorient, block again, reorient again. Getting hit will knock you down and make it that much more difficult to block the next attack. Sam will also knock rocks at you; use Blade Mode to chop them out of the way. (Sadly, there's no secret attack involved here. Straight dodging is all.) Continue to parry and you'll throw him off-balance, giving yourself a chance to rush in and do a lot of damage.

Beating Jetstream Sam will bring an end to the chapter. It will also unlock the game's final chapter, and see Raiden spirited off to Pakistan. Time to end this for good. (Sadly, you don't get to steal Sam's awesome HF sword. Oh well.)


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