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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance walkthrough, Part One: Metal Gear RAY

Updated on February 28, 2013

(Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance begins with an opportunity to play through a short tutorial mode before beginning the actual game. This is highly recommended for first-time players - it's not long at all, and it teaches some invaluable, basic combat lessons. In particular, you want to learn how to parry. Parrying is utterly invaluable, especially if you choose to play on Hard.)

Metal Gear Rising's story starts with Raiden, one of the major series protagonists and the star of the game, discussing the duties of Private Military Companies (PMCs) with his current employer, the prime minister of an unknown African country. Raiden's company, Maverick, has provided a great deal of stability - but that appears to be in jeopardy when a cyborg similar to Raiden shows up. The prime minister's convoy comes under attack by a large military force, and Raiden is called in to deal with things.

Your first taste of battle is on the street, and you'll start off facing three thugs with swords. This is a good chance to test out your own combat capabilities, especially if you didn't bother with the tutorial. You can easily slice through all three by mashing the buttons, but you should take a moment to test out both Blade Mode and parrying. These guys are nice and simple, and they all drop Repair Units to undo any damage done.

Head down the street, following the marker on your Soliton Radar. More soldiers will show up at the next bend, some of them with swords, some of them with guns. Aim for the gun-toters first, as they can be a nuisance at a range. Close the gap swiftly with Ninja Run and sweep kick them into oblivion. Slice through the fence at the end of the street.

Beyond Raiden will run afoul of a massive Metal Gear RAY, and the prime minister will be nabbed by a buff cyborg with a particularly vicious agenda. Raiden is left to fend off the RAY while the cyborg runs off with his captive.

As far as intro bosses go, Metal Gear RAY is pretty impressive. It's much more agile than it looks, and will hop around the arena while trying to blast Raiden. Try to stay between its legs, choosing one and slicing away at it until you get a prompt to go into Blade Mode. This will allow you to slice away at the armour on RAY's thigh. When not slicing, use Ninja Run to avoid its attacks: bullets will be deflected, you'll be just fast enough to get away from its massive beam, and its stomps will virtually always miss. RAY will occasionally fire off missiles, and you can slice them before they explode to receive Repair Units. You can also wait for RAY to swing its tail, parry, and slice it up (as well as earn a trophy/achievement) to do a ton of damage.

Get rid of the armour on both legs and RAY will bring out a massive blade on one of its arms (wings?). Ninja Run at the thing and mash the buttons that appear on the screen together. Keep mashing the buttons indicated as they come up to successfully bring the fight to an awesome close.

Dash into the ruined building to your right after the end of the battle. Follow the cyborg through the next section, Ninja Running through the ruined streets and sewers. If you can't run over something, slash through it. Keep your eyes open here - after the first pipe slide you'll see a grate in the ground, and if you slash through it you'll find a Data Storage device in the sewer below. Grab it and keep going. Eventually you'll wind up atop a building -

- and the Metal Gear RAY will reappear for a second round! This time you don't have access to its legs, so you'll have to slice away at its face. It has a number of attacks:

  • If it rears back and begins to charge up, it will use its mouth laser in a sweeping motion. Ninja Run and leap over the laser as it approaches. Performing an aerial combo will allow you to stay in the air a little bit longer and avoid the hit.
  • If it leaps into the background, it's going to fire missiles. Ninja Run around and slice up the missiles for more Repair Units.
  • If it brings its arm down on one side it will fire much larger missiles. Go into Blade Mode and slice at them to avoid damage. You can also straight out avoid them, though it's tricky.
  • If it rears up and to the left, it's going to smash into the building to the right. More on this in a moment.
  • If it raises its arm it will smash down in the centre of the arena. Simply avoid the middle. This can be tough to parry, but if you're successful you'll have a chance to slice up RAY's gun turret and do a lot of damage.
  • RAY will also spend almost the entire battle firing machine guns. Ninja Run to avoid these strikes.

If you're a glutton for slicing you can spend the entire battle slicing at its face whenever RAY moves in close. Smarter than this is to wait for RAY to rear up and bring its face in for a smashing strike. Parry this and you'll stun RAY - as well as open up an opportunity to gash up its face for massive damage. Continue doing this and you'll stun the monster, giving Raiden a solid chance to go Blade Mode and slice it up. Follow the prompts thereafter to finish it for good.

After beating Metal Gear RAY you'll wind up on a train. Ninja Run across it and you'll get to a cut scene where things go notably awry, and Raiden winds up face-to-face with Sam, the smaller, seemingly lazier of the two cyborg troublemakers. Another boss fight already? Eh, only sorta.

(Before you approach the cyborgs, lightly drop down from the last stack of crates. So long as you land on your train car you'll be able to tiptoe to one side and grab another Data Storage. Avoid Ninja Running here or you'll jump right into a cut scene.)

This isn't really a fight you can win, though you can at least make a good accounting of yourself. Sam is a fairly slow guy most of the time, and will only speed up if you get close. Control your strikes and parry whenever Sam's eye flashes red. Work in your attacks between his, and back up if he starts to put on too much pressure. Eventually he will do something quite harsh -

- and the battle will end quite painfully for Raiden. Oh well, can't win 'em all. Boris, Raiden's contact, will save the day and drive Sam away. The cyborgs will take off, leaving Raiden wallowing in his defeat. Ouch.


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