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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance walkthrough, Part Sixteen: Server Room

Updated on February 23, 2013

Raiden's made it to the top of World Marshal's headquarters after numerous violent battles, and now it seems as though Sundowner is the only thing left standing in his way. Will the buff cyborg be able to take down Jack the Ripper? Or can Raiden save the children and satiate his love of battle at the same time?

Check the hall leading to the server room for a Repair Nanopaste, make sure you equip Nanopastes as your active item in case you take too much damage, and go through the next door. You'll find… Mistral?!

Not quite. This is Mistral's body double, and it wants revenge for the original. This fight is much like your first fight with Mistral, though shorter and a bit easier, since she's no stronger and you're much stronger. Use heavy attacks to wipe out the Tripods that try to jump you and focus a constant offensive on Mistral to keep her blocking. Do this and you'll open up the opportunity to Blade Mode away her pole-arm, which makes it much easier to inflict damage. Watch out for her projectiles when she has no weapon. Ironically, Mistral's own weapon is your best choice to win this fight. Even if you struggle, the sheer number of Repair Units dropped by the Tripods you kill will keep you alive.

Beat Mistral's double and moments later the room will be filled with smoke. Monsoon? Yep, regrettably so. Another body double.

This fight is like your first against the guy, though there's no debris from which you can draw items. Parry often and bring out any EM Grenades you've got to stun him after he shoots his body parts at you. This part is particularly dangerous whenever he brings out his smoke bombs, so be ready to pull out some extremely fast parrying to survive with a minimum of damage. Remember: Even if Monsoon manages to knock you into the air, you can still parry his next hit.

Beyond you'll find the server room, and in it a horde of brains. Sundowner will stop by to have a quick chat about war before leaving, and you'll have to follow after him. Before you do, though, get up on the walkways he was using to deliver his speech. To the left of the central platform is a Hold Chip in a box. To the right is a seeming dead end - though if you jump onto the server at the end you can access the other side of the room and find a Data Storage.

Follow Sundowner. In the next room you'll find VR Mission 017 on the bottom floor, and he way forward by jumping up to the second. Grab the EM Grenade up here and keep following the catwalks. You'll wind up outside.

Almost there. Before springing to the end of the helipad in the distance, check to the right of the door for a box containing a Repair Nanopaste. Check to the left and you'll see two Tripods dancing about as one; kill them if you wish, though it has no real effect on the game. In short, stop messing about and get onto the helipad! You have a date with a cyborg!


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