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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance walkthrough, Part Ten: File R-03

Updated on February 21, 2013

Raiden's managed to flush Desperado Enterprises out of Mexico, and now he's back in the United States to investigate ties between Desperado, a Colorado politician, and a child theft ring. He's also in trouble with the law, and his inner yearnings may have him taking down police officers next. Yikes.

This file begins with a battle, though it's not too bad. The initial wave of officers are just normal grunts; take them down with quick Zandatsu kills. After that two officers will start firing RPGs from the sidelines while a heavy cyborg takes you on with a sword. Ninja Run around the area to wipe out the smaller enemies before concentrating on their big brother. Parrying will stun him and give you a nice opening to slice him up. Check behind you to find a Rocket Launcher, and check ahead to bring out three more normal cyborgs and another heavy. Take them down in the same fashion.

Continue up the street and you'll witness a nightmare: not one but two GRADs coming at you. These things fight more or less identically to the GRAD in the previous chapter, though they're much easier to beat thanks to their inferior armour and slightly slower movement. Spend most of your time on the move, zipping in close to slash at their legs whenever you see an opening. A few hard slashes at the legs will stun the GRAD, giving you a chance to Zandatsu away its armour. Keep doing this until you can pull off the full Zandatsu kill. Then… do it again! They only really become problematic if they corner you, and this area's big enough that that won't happen too often.

A few soldiers will appear in the area after the GRADs are dead, but they're just small fry. Take them out as you encounter them and have a look around for a Hold Chip, a Repair Nanopaste, a Rocket Launcher and VR Mission 008, the last of which is tucked behind a large mobile barrier down the left end of the street. Go up the stairs near here and across to the second floor of the opposite side of the street, where you'll find an RP Grenade in a box and, on top of the glass pathway, a Data Storage.

(An optional battle will also open up on the street before you fought the GRADs. Go back to face four bulky cyborgs. These guys are pretty painful as a group, but it's not that difficult to parry and stun them if you can get them separated. They're also highly susceptible to EM Grenades, if you have any.)

Enter the lobby of the building. Head to the upper floor and check behind the glass here to find VR Mission 009. Go through the door in the opposite hallway and you'll have to face off against a squad of Dwarf Gekko and two of their larger brethren. Sweep around the room, using your pole-arm to wipe out the Dwarf Gekko quickly, before you try to take on the larger Gekko. Wait for the big guys to charge to get your chance for an easy Zandatsu kill. After they're dead, check the left side of the room for a 3D Photo Frame and the right for a Cardboard Box.

Through the next hall you'll see several soldiers on patrol. You can try and sneak by them in the Box you just found… or you can slice through them. If you opt to fight, be prepared to face two guys with RPGs and several with shields. Parry to get the shields easily out of the way. Take the elevator to the roof one way or another.


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