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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance walkthrough, Part Three: Blade Wolf

Updated on February 20, 2013

With a nice, shiny new set of black armour that's filled to the brim with goodies, Raiden's ready for just about anything. Good thing, too - he's inches away from facing a vicious foe that will tear him apart if he's not careful.

Enter the door to your left to carry on. Just inside the building you'll see a small terminal on the ground; access it and you'll unlock VR Mission 001. (Though if this is your first time playing, you probably don't want to try it just yet. It's significantly harder than the main game at this point.) Carry on through the building -

- and Raiden will be pitted against a new foe. It has a tedious technical name, but its codename says it all: Blade Wolf. That chainsaw on its tail doesn't look too friendly, and its cold banter verifies that it's not here to chat. Battle!

The first phase of the battle is easier than it looks. Blade Wolf is incredibly fast, but it telegraphs its attacks by pausing for a few seconds before launching itself at Raiden. Use that opening to parry its blow and deliver several counterattacks. The one exception to this is its three-part chainsaw attack, which tends to carry on longer than parry lasts; just try to avoid this by getting out of the way. Avoid the temptation to run around too much - it's difficult to parry if Blade Wolf isn't in the camera shot, and running won't help against most attacks anyway. Stay away from the barrels here - they'll explode if hit, and the explosion is almost always to your detriment.

Get Blade Wolf down enough and it will call in backup in the form of three soldiers. Blade Wolf won't interrupt this part of the fight, so absolutely use it to replenish your health if you took a beating in the first phase. They're normal soldiers, and not much else. Again, stay away from the barrels. Once they're dead, Blade Wolf will continue the assault in the same manner as before. Whittle it down again and it will call a Gekko; parry its charge to kill it quickly. One more round against Blade Wolf will end the fight.

Make no mistake, Blade Wolf is a tough opponent. The key to winning here is not to get too aggressive. Though powerful and swift, Blade Wolf is fairly fragile. Parry its leaping attacks until one leaves it close to you and slash it to pieces. Don't dash in and try to assault Blade Wolf if it lands a fair distance away, as you'll leave yourself open to attack. Be patient, wait for opportunities to parry, and take them. Blade Mode is pretty tempting, and can dish out a lot of damage, but Blade Wolf doesn't spend enough time stunned for this to work as well as it should.

(Can't beat this boss? Try out the first non-tutorial VR mission you just obtained. It's fairly tough for beginners, and is good practice for parrying.)

Completing this fight will open up a new VR mission, this one about sub weapons. Handy, that, as you haven't gotten much direction on them yet, despite having several. Look it over and get back on the path to the next waypoint...

... but not before checking the walls in this combat area. Along the arena is a door you can slice through, and inside you'll find a Hold Chip and a Data Storage. Nice! Be sure to grab these before proceeding.


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