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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance walkthrough, Part Twelve: Underground railroad

Updated on February 28, 2013

After a trip across some daunting rooftops, Raiden has dramatically entered a building via falling elevator and his on his way to the headquarters of World Marshal, one of the world's largest PMCs. Unfortunately, his descent has left him in the darkness. Only one way around that.

Activate AR mode to get your sight back and drop out of the elevator shaft. Check the next room for a Repair Nanopaste. Note that when you attack something, AR mode will deactivate - and the darkness will quickly flood back in. You'll have to contend with this constantly by turning the mode back on all the time. Try not to Ninja Run, as it will similarly deactivate AR mode.

Slice through the next door and go down the stairs. To your right in the next tunnel is an EM Grenade. To the left, through the rubble, are a few Mastiffs wandering around. Hide behind the boxes here and wait for the nearest Mastiff to turn around. Jump up, Ninja Kill it, and hide on the right side of the platform. The second Mastiff will eventually move up and lollygag in one spot; get behind it for a second quick kill.

There's another Mastiff further down the tunnel, and it likes to jump on the left wall before continuing to patrol. Hide behind the crates here and wait for it to leap down and start walking. Jump over the crates and catch it quickly in the back before it can spot you. After it's gone, check along its short patrol route for a Data Storage and a Rocket Launcher, and get back on the other side for a Hold Chip. Be careful grabbing the Chip - several Dwarf Gekko will fall down on your head.

Hop up on the train on the right side of the tunnel and jump off to the left in the next section. In the rubble behind you is VR Mission 011. A Mastiff patrols the right side; sneak behind the crates and kill it. Check the end of this tunnel for two Dwarf Gekko, a Rocket Launcher, an RP Grenade and a Drum Can before backing up and hopping onto the raised ground to your left. Up here is another Mastiff, and clinging to the ceiling are two Dwarf Gekko; eliminate or ignore them all. Check a box up here for Repair Thermopaste before going through the door at the end. Ah, blissful light.

(Note: Getting into a fight down here in the dark is not suicidal - you will receive some light. It's just tougher than sneaking through.)

Head through the halls, collect VR Mission 012 in the second lit room, and head outside. A GRAD on an overpass in the distance will immediately begin to fire on you. Start by slashing your way through the soldiers on the road, then bring the GRAD down to your level by slicing through the underpass' supports. This thing is much easier to beat on its own than when you were fighting two.

Past the next set of blockades are a few soldiers Boris will beg you not to openly fight. Enter this small area from the right, waiting for the nearest soldier to get close enough to Ninja Kill. Go up the stairs and get the guy overlooking the road the same way, and finish the job by jumping the guy on the road from above. Have a look around to collect a Grenade, a Rocket Launcher and an Endurance +1.

You'll see a large set of stairs ahead. Before ascending and confronting the troops, check the left side of the street. Sitting above a cafe on a ledge is a Data Storage. Hop onto the vendor's cart just outside the cafe to reach it.

Now for those stairs. If you want to be sneaky you can probably get at least one of them before the others notice, though it's really hard to avoid a fight here. Take on the four soldiers and you'll also bring out a Fenrir, a mass-produced copy of Blade Wolf. It has some similar attacks, though it also incorporates a cannon into its tail. Use Ninja Run to avoid this attack and parry its physical strikes for a chance to slice it to pieces. Check the left side of the bottom of the stairs for Repair Nanopaste and head up.

You'll watch a cut scene at the top of the stairs and face a relatively painless battle against some normal soldiers. Afterwards, Raiden's not doing so hot, and Wolf recommends avoiding combat. Ninja Running and Zandatsu are disabled in the next part, but you don't need them: simply make your way to the left of where you start, cut down the middle to the top-right corner, then make your way back left and up to the front doors of World Marshal. There are lots of enemies, but they're easy to avoid even moving slowly.

At the front gates you'll be confronted by Jetstream Sam and one of his fellow cyborgs, Monsoon, and after a long conversation Monsoon will be your next opponent.


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