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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance walkthrough, Part Two: Gekkos

Updated on February 28, 2013

A few weeks have passed since Raiden's rather terrible defeat at the hands of Sam, a cyborg in the employ of PMC Desperado Enterprises, and our hero seems a bit hardened by the experience. Raiden has his chance for revenge on his next mission, though: stop Desperado from aiding a coup in the country of Abkhazia. Decked out in all-new black gear, Raiden's ready for trouble.

After the lengthy mission briefing you'll wind up on a beach. Use this opportunity to open up your Codec and chat with your team. Each one has multiple chat options, so keep clicking to get the whole story, as well as a plethora of background information on Desperado Enterprises. Check with these guys often if you want a bit of humour or just plain old exposition.

Now's also a good time to check out the Customize menu option, as you're at a checkpoint. Utilizing the BP earned while playing the game, you can upgrade Raiden's body, weapons and skills via this menu. Think of it as the game's purchasing station. If this is your first time you probably won't have enough BP to afford anything just yet, but you will after a few more battles.

Run up the nearby stairs, as there's nothing to see on the beach. You'll wind up facing off against opponents with stealth camo capability. They're not difficult; just parry and slice your way through the engagement. Boris will indicate a zone on your radar that you should stay within to minimize collateral damage, which is a good idea if you want to maximize the amount of BP you earn after the fight.

Beating these guys will open up the Zandatsu VR mission. It's a good idea to do this now, as it teaches you a few things about not only Zandatsu, but special attacks (basically stealth kills), Advanced AR Mode and using Blade Mode in the midst of attacks. Zandatsu at least is a must-learn, as you can't rejuvenate your health unless you learn this technique.

Back to Story Mode. Enter the building and use the crates on the left side to reach the second floor. Jump at the chandelier hanging in the middle of the room and slice it apart to find a Data Storage, which will drop to the floor below; you'll find a Hold Chip against the railing up here. Grab it and get back to the second floor. The floor ahead will be crumbled, and you can one-hit kill the soldier below with a special attack. Back outside, check to the right of the exit for a box with a Grenade and use AR Mode to target the soldiers on the street below. There are four soldiers wandering around, two of them with rocket launchers. These things hurt.

If you want you can jump down onto the street and fight head-on, but sneaky is safer. Head to the left, staying on the upper walkways, and make your way around the tops of the buildings. You can potentially catch all of the guards around here from behind, and even if you don't you'll be able to fight them one-on-one instead. Hunt around for more Grenades on the ground before continuing up the street.

(Note: The guards on the street are watching over a civilian who got caught. You need to be sneaky if you want to save him. Quietly eliminate the enemies on the rooftops before tossing an EM Grenade down to paralyze the two cyborgs standing near him. The moment they catch on to your presence they'll kill the guy; you need to be extremely careful to save his life. You may want to replay this section once you've beaten the game.)

Ahead you'll wind up in a battle with a Gekko, a Metal Gear variant, and a slew of support soldiers. Slice the soldiers apart while heeding the placement on the Gekko, as it can really mess you up if it charges in or manages to boot you. Be ready to parry whenever the thing gets close and you'll have an opportunity to slice away at its head. Unless you can parry, keep away from this thing at all times - being hounded by the Gekko and the soldiers simultaneously is painful. If you manage to parry and get a Blade Mode indicator here, take it and you can pull off a Zandatsu move to restore your health.

After you finish the battle, face towards the next waypoint and look to your left. There's a gap between the buildings, and a concrete wall you can climb. Check between the two buildings for a blue box you can slice open in Blade Mode. Inside is a Data Storage.

Continue up the street until you come to a series of bridges, patrolled by enemies. Check the first bridge to find a Rocket Launcher. Beyond here are two Gekkos and three more soldiers. You can sneak around here, if you're careful, or you can simply take the lot on - and killing two Gekkos isn't as tough as it sounds, surprisingly. Try to separate the two by luring one to a ledge and getting it to fall off, then counter and murder the first. Use the soldiers to replenish your health if the Gekkos prove too powerful. There are numerous Grenades and Rocket Launchers strewn about the area that you can use to kill the enemies, as well, if your sword seems too iffy.

All done on the streets? Head into the next building on your left. Raiden's journey is about to become a whole lot more interesting, thanks to a boss that makes Metal Gear RAY look like a right weakling.


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