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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance walkthrough: VR Mission 001

Updated on February 20, 2013

Your first VR Mission is found during Chapter One of the main story. Proceed along the main path until you reach a small warehouse. Inside the warehouse you'll find the computer for the mission sitting on the ground, just ahead of the door.

This mission consists of two simple waves of enemies in a flat space.

The first wave consists of three soldiers in a loose formation. Each has a sword and a gun. You don't need to waste any time with this fight: dash right into the middle of them and slice them to bits with combo moves and, if you do take any hits, Blade Mode. These guys only become problematic if they manage to get draw apart, in which case they'll pull out their guns. Use Ninja Run to nullify the danger presented by their projectiles. They'll occasionally throw grenades, as well, though these aren't a big deal so long as you move quickly.

The second wave is a fair bit trickier, consisting of four soldiers and a Gekko. If this is your first time thorugh the game, you'll suddenly find Gekkos a fair bit more daunting - especially if you haven't properly figured out how to parry.

The soldiers aren't that difficult to kill, though you should probably hold off on dealing with them until after you've managed the Gekko. At least one, and usually two, will hold off in the back while the others dart forward to support the Gekko. Ninja Run around the field and dice them to pieces. Use them to restore energy via Zandatsu if the Gekko proves trickier than you'd anticipated.

The Gekko will begin the fight almost every time by launching missiles at you. Dodge right or left to evade them, then brace yourself. The Gekko will, if you're lucky, charge right at you. You can use this charge to parry and quickly slaughter the thing. If you're not so lucky, it will attack normally. Keep at a distance and try to goad the Gekko into charging your position, as this is the easiest way to kill it.

The big thing to note here is that the Gekko will almost always hit you with its charge unless you manage to parry it. Even Ninja Running isn't a guaranteed escape from this beast. No matter how many soldiers are firing on you, if you see the Gekko revving up for a charge, get ready to parry.

Because this VR Mission appears early in Metal Gear Rising and isn't that hard (at least it shouldn't be if you managed to beat Blade Wolf, which appears immediately after you find the case with the mission), this isn't a bad place to harvest a lot of BP to give Raiden an edge on the tougher missions.


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