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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance walkthrough: VR Mission 006

Updated on February 20, 2013

VR Mission 006 is located in File R-02. You'll come across it in the open as you proceed through the mission. Wait until you reach the room with the Cardboard Box, which you're recommended to use to get through the next room. The computer with the VR Mission is sitting in here as well.

This VR Mission asks something difficult of trigger-happy Raiden: get through a simulated area without being spotted. If you've been slicing and dicing your way through the game up to this point, you may have a bit of trouble not getting caught, especially given the 15 second gold ranking limit.

The arena is a series of narrow corridors, split up by four blocks. There are three soldiers patrolling these blocks: one straight ahead, one between the two blocks to your left, and the last near the waypoint in the top-right corner of the area. You need to get through here without any of them seeing you.

Getting past these soldiers isn’t that difficult. They all follow the same routes each time, so you can predict where they're going to go each time. The guy straight ahead walks straight ahead; the guy to the left walks to the right; the guy to the upper-right walks down. It's quite possible to walk beside these guys as they're going about their routes and slip around corners.

Unfortunately, friendly walking will not help you get through this section in 15 seconds. In order to conquer this VR Mission and win the gold, you need to kill two of the soldiers on your way through, using two different methods, as quickly as possible. Here's how.

  • Start by Ninja Running down the left corridor. Your fingers should have Raiden dashing as soon as the mission starts. Aim for the corner of the bottom-left block and get against the opposite wall before the guard ahead can see you. The angle has to be perfect or he'll catch you doing this.
  • Sprint up and Ninja Kill the guy. You need get out of Ninja Run and hit the kill button immediately. This animation takes up some time, so be prepared to run immediately after it ends.
  • Ninja Run to the middle of the area. The guy heading through the blocks will just be passing between the two upper blocks. Get behind him and use Blade Mode to rip his body apart with one stroke, and only one stroke. More than that will sound an alert. You also need to be careful not to go into Zandatsu, as it eats up precious seconds. Aim high, for his head or shoulders.
  • Weave around his torso. This is vitally important! His body is still solid as he falls, and he'll screw up your run if you try to run through him.
  • Dash for the exit. The third guard won't even notice you zipping by.

Your timing here has to be flawless to get gold. Expect a time of 14.70ish when you succeed (and you'll need a lot of practice to even get that far).


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