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Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker S Ranked Soldiers Guide

Updated on August 21, 2013


Alright Big Boss, to build up our Mother Base and to develop newer items and weapons we need the best of the best. S Ranked Soldiers are hard to come by, but well worth the search. I’ve compiled a list of locations where you can find the men and women we need. Good luck Boss.

Signed, Intel Officer Kevin


Missions: NA

Notation: All you can find in the field is A ranked Soldiers. To Acquire S Ranked Soldiers you need to have a high Heroism ranking (53,000). You can achieve this by A) completing various Insignias and Achievements or B) grinding levels with a lot of troops. Simply holding them up worked well for me.

Once you have the proper amount of Heroism just go to the Recruit menu and you’ll start getting S ranked Soldiers.


Mission: Extra Ops 49

Notation: There are three POWs located in this mission, 1 will give you an S rank on Intel, one will give you an S ranked on R&D. Each area has one guy, the first one is located on the catwalk and the other two are directly in your path.

Mess Hall

Mission: Extra Ops 46

Notation: He is the second guy you will encounter in the first area. I recommend grinding this mission with the stealth camo.


Mission: Extra Op 26, Extra Op 50

Notation: 26) POW 50) Soldier on bridge in El Cenagal Ravine. Watch out there are two of them.


Mission: Rescue Chico, Pursue Jungle Train, Destroy Barricade

Notation: The Fulton Canon is required to acquire S ranked Intel units. In each of the mission they are the snipers in Camino De Lava Junction. I recommend the Destroy Baricade mission as you can snag 2 S Ranked Intel units instead of 1 that the other two provide.


GameFAQ, Peace Walker Wikia, Experience


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