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Mewtwo, the Psychic Master

Updated on December 2, 2017

As you come across Mewtwo in a dark cavern, he reaches into your mind and makes you feel sorrow...Suddenly you hear a deep voice unlike any you've ever heard. "This will be the final chapter of your journey, out your strongest pokemon...I will destroy it."


Lurking in the darkest corners, waiting for daring trainers to seek him out...Mewtwo is undoubtedly the most popular psychic pokemon. His power is matched by no other psychic pokemon and he makes all other pokemon cower in fear.

Despite being a genetic clone of the cute pokemon "Mew", Mewtwo looks quite different. He stands 6"07' tall and looks like a bipedal feline that stands on its hind legs. Mewtwo's body is mainly white and grey, with a purple stomach and a long purple tail. He has purple eyes and very bulbous fingertips.

Mewtwo was, for a long time regarded as the strongest pokemon. He is a genetic clone of Mew, but purposefully altered to be much stronger and more powerful than Mew.

Mewtwo is one of the very few pokemon that speaks the human langue, however he does so telepathically.

Mewtwo is also one of the few pokemon that regenerates automatically, making it very hard to defeat him in battle.

Mewtwo takes a strong approach to prove himself as the most powerful pokemon in the world, although he often questions his own existence and the purpose of his life.

4 stars for Mewtwo power level


Mewtwo has a wide range of abilities, including being able to fly without wings.

Since Mewtwo is a psychic type pokemon, most of his abilities will be telepathic/telekinetic. By using his telekinesis, Mewtwo is able to push himself off of the ground and fly around and can even create shields to protect himself.

Mewtwo can also learn a large range of moves that are phsyical moves, including body slam!

Mewtwo cannot learn every pokemon move, unlike his genetic counterpart, Mew. However, his capabilities are very broad.

Mewtwo Fun Facts

- Mewtwo is a genderless pokemon. Like most legendary pokemon, it was never properly assigned a gender. Mewtwo is, however, portrayed with a deep male voice.

- Mewtwo began the "mega" evolution phase. He is able to evolve into his mega form without using a mega rock.

- Mewtwo has 2 mega forms, both with different strengths and different appearances.

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