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Mezco Child's Play 15 Inch Action Figure

Updated on October 13, 2015

15 inches Mega Scale Chucky Doll

For all you horror fans of the chucky movie you are in for a good treat. This is a review for the 2015 talking chucky from Mezco toys. This 2015 version comes in a black and red box. The older version came in a yellow box. But the chucky figures is still the same. Well one is scared face and the other is clean face.

This is the talking version chucky.

Reviewed by action_figure_geek .

Child's Play Chucky Action Figure

Child's Play The Beginning 1988

Since the beginning of the first movie Child's Play I was so fascinated by this scary, twisted and evil doll. I will never forget the day I watched the first movie in 1988 that I will never buy anymore doll figures from the store.

Well you also had Michael Myers (Halloween) and Jason Friday The 13TH during those times in 1988. But when they created this evil doll it was a winner and chucky joined the ranks of horror films.

Forward today in 2015. This chucky doll still scares me to death. After many years of collecting action figures from many different brands I decided to add chucky to my collection. Doing a lot of research from brands that made this doll was very easy.

One brand that stood out in making this doll was Mezco toys. As you may know mezco toys makes action figures and other collectibles in their respected original and licensed properties.

Besides this 15 inch version mezco also has the 6 inch stylized roto chucky.


The Features of Chucky:

1- 11 points of articulation

2- Real cloth Good guys clothing

3- And his killer knife. Well it is made of plastic.

4- 15 inch mega scale action figure.

5- Very detailed face and stitches.

6- This is the talking version.

7- This doll is for 15 ages and up. Booo.

Mezco Toys Chucky

Features Break Down.

As you can see in the pictures the details on this doll are quite impressive. Usually when I review my action figures I have them taken out of the box and do a real physical test on the articulation and the head movement. But for this review I want to keep chucky in the box. Because I intend to use him as a display and will keep him for a long time.

Now back to chucky. There are two versions of this doll. Talking and non-talking versions.This is the talking version. There is a small button in the middle of the back where you can press it to talk.

Now lets talk hair style. Chucky has the awesome orange surfer hair style. That's his trademark. If you want to you can style his hair to what ever you desire. Comb it back or braid it...go ahead make it scary.

Eyes. Scary eyes. When I look into his eyes its like he is talking to you. It's kind of creepy though when you really concentrate on his eyes. That's when your mine will play tricks on you and make you believe he will come alive and jump out of he box. Wow! My imagination is awesome. Anyways his eyes are like realistic glass-like eye balls.

Chuckies jumpsuit.. I like it a lot. His jumpsuit makes him the cutie killer that he his. Real cloth fabric and the design is truly unique. The rainbow colored inner long sleeve and the jean style jumpsuit compliments each other. Very stylish.

His messed up face with that mean killer look makes this doll awesome. The detailed stitches around the eyes are very on point. The cuts that maps around his face is very cool. Small nose to big forehead and a dash of mean killer smile and you got one great combination of EVIL.

The knife that is included is in the box hidden. It looks like one of those butcher knives that you see on TV for sale or the one your mommy uses to cut pork in the kitchen. Very detailed to the point where it looks sharp in real life. Also to compliment the knife there is a dash of blood on the edges of the knife. His right hand is curled up to hold the knife pretty well. Chucky does not play brother!

Now the talking part of chucky. The phrases that are used on the dolls are random. They say there are 7 phrases taken from the movie that are used on the doll. But from my experience playing with chucky you get only 2 phrases. One is the scary laugh that he does. The other is

This action figure doll is 15 inches tall. I just wish it was the real doll in the movie. But oh well. This chucky is perfect in many ways. That is why I have one for my personal display. To be honest 15 inches is tall enough for it to be displayed in your cabinet or by the window on a gloomy Halloween night.

Box Display.

The box display for 2015 is pretty good. With the addition of a hole in the back of the box to access the talking button on chuckys back. Overall I like the new display box. It is more creepy and more of a scary and dark style of a display. The older chucky box was yellow. The design was too childish and too cute but at the same time deadly. Ha. Ha.

As you can see in the bottom pictures I have my other older Chucky doll of 2014. This is the one with the yellow box. Be warned I took the pictures with real knives on Halloween just to make a scary scene if you don't mine. This version of chucky was the good guys. The clean and cute chucky. But for my collection having the good and evil versions of both is awesome. Why not have both

2015 Display Box

2014 Display Box.

Perfect for halloween

If your in the market for a display item for your window or porch for halloween do not look further. Look into the Mezco chucky doll. It will satisfy all of your evil and twisted scary needs. I use two of my own personal chuckys for Halloween and really the kids are more excited with the doll than the candies I am giving them.

This would also be a great compliment gift to someone else you don't like. Make that person scream when he or she opens up the gift box of deadly chucky. You never know the spirit of chucky will come alive.

The small collector.

I have been fascinated with toys for many years. Ever since the beginning of time when I had my first transformers and Godzilla action figures in 1984. Fast forward through time and I have been buying and selling toys through the years.

To me it is always fun and interesting. Because you grow up with these toys and it brings back memories through the years. Don't get me wrong but there are more hard core collectors out there with a much bigger collection. I give much more respect to those people.

My main interest now is doing reviews on these toys. My next review will be my Cyclonus Transformers combiner wars. So stay tuned.

My ratings of Chucky.

5 stars for Mezco Chucky Action Figure

2015 Mezco Chucky/2014 Chucky

Talking or Non-Talking Chucky.

Which would you prefer?

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