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Micromon Top 5 Best Kept Secrets

Updated on June 19, 2017


Starter Micromons

1) Starter Micromon

The first secret / tip here is about the Starter micromon. Which one should you choose? Are they all equal? Well.. almost.

Here are the names and types:

Crystoise = Mineral

Finleon = Water

Glareon = Fire

Gust = Wind

Vidri = Normal

First you got normal, which has basically no strengths or weakness, so it's kinda neutral. Might be an OK choice or the second best in my opinion.

Then we have Fire which is highly affected by water but good against Wind.

Wind is strong against water (?) but highly affected by Fire and Mineral, so not a good choice to start with.

Then Water is weak to Wind and strong to Fire and Mineral, so you're best choice so far.

Finally Mineral is weak to water but strong against Wind so kinda in the middle.

As you can see Water Micromons are best of all for some reason, so I would stick to Finleon as Starter, since water is the only element with 2 strengths.

Although note that any of those Micromons taken to a high level will kick ass no matter what, but you'll have the high ground (advantage) with the Water type as above.

Micromon Levels

2) Leveling Up

OK so my second secret is about the leveling up of your Micromons. Now you might think that like many other RPG style games the higher the level your guys are, the less experience you will get from low level enemies.

In the case of Micromon that would be incorrect. YES it takes more experience to level up your guys as they increase their level BUT the XP is always the same! Fascinating. It's not based on a percentage, simply based on an amount. I.e. a Level 16-17 micromon will give you about 50-54XP when you kill it. That is regardless of the Level of your Micromons.

So really if you want to level your Micromons and you're having a hard time battling other Micromons of similar levels OR your Micromons keep dying, just go for lower level Micromons and I guarantee you that you will be able to level up way faster! Forget about grinding, just kill lots of lower level Micromons!

Personally I go for places where my Micromon can kill enemies in 2 hits MAX and sometimes 1 hit. That way you can level so much faster, and after a while you also make quite a bit of pocket change i.e. money, as well.

Helps a lot to stack up on High quality Chips & Potions.

3) Which Micromons To Catch

My next top secret is on which Micromon to catch? Should you just catch them all? Hell no!

There is this thing called "D.R." What is it? What does it stand for?

Stands for "Development Rate".

That means that a low DR Micromon will be horrible (weak and lower HP, Defense, etc), even if high level will still suck. A high DR Micromon will be decent. Basically Leveling a Low D.R. Micromon is a waste of time. Personally I don't catch anything less than a D.R. 8 Micromon. If it's a common or uncommon Micromon, then only D.R. 10.

Of course if you run into a Godlike/Legendary Micromon than go ahead and catch it regardless of D.R since you may never see it again BUT otherwise don't waste your time with low D.R. Micromons.

One of my most powerful Micromon is an uncommon kind (2 stars) that I caught early in the game with a 10 D.R.

Micromon Golden Eggs

4) Golden Eggs

Next Secret are the Golden Eggs. Golden Eggs will give you some of the best Micromon of the game which otherwise are nearly impossible to catch. It will also guarantee you a Development Rate (D.R.) of 10 on each of them.

Yes I know they cost a lot of Diamonds which you don't want to spend real money on, well that's the subject of my next Secret below. Keep Reading.

Golden Eggs are a "safe value" as you will for sure get an excellent Micromon from it, with a D.R. of 10 no less.

5) Diamonds

Therefore if you want to get the very best Micromons you will need to get your hands on a decent amount of Diamonds. How can you do that without having to pay yourself? You will get them in the game at various places and also inside the arena but I found a way better & faster way to get them without spending a dime.


The place I found is called "freemyapps" and you will be downloading free apps daily to your Iphone, Ipad or Android device and get points for them. You will only spend a max of 2-3 minutes per day. You simply download the App, open it and try it for 30 seconds and then you get your points. You can then delete all the Apps, so you won't be accumulating a bunch of Apps you don't like.

As an exchange for downloading & trying out those Free Apps they will reward you with a number of options, one of which is an Itunes Card or even a direct Paypal payment! You can redeem instantly, it's 100% safe and legit. You can redeem for as low as 300 points! You will make enough points the first time you signup for at least 5.00$! But it won't take you more than about 5-10 minutes!

Click Here to Get Started Now!

This technique works in many countries including USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Vietnam and many more countries. Any country can redeem Paypal.

Ending Note

I hope you enjoyed my top 5 Micromon secret & tips and that you will therefore dramatically improve your game.

Happy Gaming!


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      3 years ago

      The whole first area is water so saying wind is the worst choice is wrong.


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