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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 Review

Updated on January 30, 2014

It's not only a Game

It is not only a simple flight simulator game, it's built more like a virtual flight school where you can also learn a lot behind the science of flying while at the same time enjoying it. Flying lessons cover from Private Pilot up to Airline Pilot. Each lesson will cover some ground-lessons, which include flying theory, regulations, do's and don'ts and best practices of flying. And you have to also fly at the end of most lessons.

And when you complete each level you will be issued a Certificate, sounds cool right?

About the Instructor

The instructor in this flight simulator is Rod Machado. The flying lessons are also from Rod. His flying career started as a childhood dream. At the age of 16 he traded his motor-bike for taking flying lessons.

He has over 30 years of experience in the field of Aviation and has taught hundreds of flight instructor revalidation clinics and safety seminars.

He holds Degrees in Aviation Science and Psychology.

Machado also holds black belts in Tae Kwondo and Hapkido. He gets his exercise from teaching and practising martial arts.

Screenshot of Cessna 172SP Cockpit
Screenshot of Cessna 172SP Cockpit

Courses in Microsoft Simulator 2004

MS Flight Simulator 2004 provides 5 courses. Each course has intensive reading materials and flying lessons. And a certificate is awarded at the completion of each course.

  • Student Pilot

  • Private Pilot

  • Instrument Pilot

  • Commercial Pilot

  • Airline Transport Pilot

Fly the historical airplanes

Who wants to try and get the feel of the very first airplanes on the face of earth. These airplanes have very simplistic cockpits with a few controls, discover how the airplanes have evolved over the years. The simulator has a large collection of airplanes including the first airplane 1903 Wright Flyer.

Pictures of some historical airplanes (From top to bottom)

(1903) Wright Brothers - Wright Flyer (the first airplane in the world)

(1925) Ford - Tri-Motor

(1919) Curtiss - JN-4D 'Jenny'

Some modern airplanes

And some of the modern airplanes.

Pictures of some modern airplanes (From top to bottom)

(1995) Boeing - 777-300

(1998) Bombardier - Learjet 45

(1961) Beechcraft - Baron 58

As a Training Aid

Can be connected to flight simulator joysticks for a much more realistic flying experience. It can also help student pilots to enhance their skills and is a great way to try what it's actually like to fly an airplane.

Instant Replay

Sometimes you might want to replay your flying hours. Playback your flight from different angles, see how your landing and take-off looks like outside of airplane. See if your landings and take-offs are smooth, and your maneuvers are well-coordinated.

Some final words

This game is very informative and would benefit anyone who is interested in flying. There are definitely lots of things you can still learn without actually taking real flying lessons. Or if you plan to take flying lessons sooner, this would definitely help you a lot and learning would be much more easier since you already have some background information.


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