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Microsoft's E3 Conference of 2018

Updated on July 6, 2018

So yeah... Microsoft....

Microsoft's conference was better than EA's conference. But while there were games showcased that I did get excited about, it wasn't enough for me to agree that Microsoft "won E3 this year!" I'll cover that after the assessment.

No other details beyond this.
No other details beyond this. | Source

Our conference with a cinematic trailer filled with wildlife and beautiful nature based environment. All before we see Master Chief holding his helmet, snd the title to be revealed as "Halo:Infinite."

What follows is a trailer for Ori And The Will Of The Wisp, as Ori seems to have befriended an owl hatching. And we get some gameplay footage that showed off Ori's Metroidvania style platforming, and some new enemies. But I thought the came was released already, as I learned that it's slated for a 2019 release date.

Next was a game seemed to be set in a cyberpunk feudal japan, and being made by "Software" who developed Dark Souls, it's gameplay displayed similarities to Dark Souls. I'm more intrigued by the cyberpunk feudal Japanese aesthetics and am curious in how they'll be implemented in the game. It's called Sekiro:Shadows Die Twice, as I'm curious in how that title fits with the game.

Next was a first look at Fallout 76... Which I learned why it was called "Fallout 76," as the trailer opened with a monologue about the completion of "Vault 76." From there we get the main character walking through some rather colorful scenery, which is weird given the fifty shades of brown from past Fallout games. But I digress, as the story seems to revolve around restoring America after the fallout from the very first game. And if that's true then this has probably been a long time coming for Fallout fans.

Next is a side story from DontNod set in the Life Is Strange universe about a kid with a huge imagination. A story of a boy who pretends to be a superhero and plays with action figures. No doubt it has something to do with him acquiring actual powers, maybe. It's called "The Awesome Adventures Of Captain Spirit." I'm interested, as this is something reminiscent of my own childhood, which is nice to se every now and then.

Next was Crackdown 3, which much like Ori And The Will Of The Wisp, I thought had already come out, but apparently not. I enjoyed the vibrant colored futuristic weapons and transforming vehicles. Despite having Saints Row IV vibes I'm still looking to play this game, as it's slated for February

What followed was Neir Automata: Become As Gods Edition, which will include the following DLC: Base NieR:Automata game ($59.99 value), The 3C3C1D119440927 expansion DLC ($13.99 value), Grimoire Weiss Pod, Retro Red Pod Skin, Retro Grey Pod Skin, Cardboard Pod Skin, and The Machine Lifeform Mask Accessory. Honestly if it's all just cosmetic DLC, I'mma stick to just getting regular Nier Automata, as I still have not played it. It's slated to come out June 26 of this year.

What followed was Metro Exodus, which is another game I thought was already released. It seems to be a slavic civil war, probably Russian, as given the speech in the trailer it's a religious cult vs. technological society. We got some gameplay footage added too as you'll battle, mutants, monsters, and a dragon from the looks of it. Despite my questions I'm sold on that prospect.

Next was Kingdom Hearts 3, surprisingly enough. While it does me good to see Xbox owners won't have to get a PS4 to play this, I was more interested in what was displayed... Sora and crew will got to the worlds of Frozen, Wreck It Ralph, Toy Story(Which was shown off last year, if I remember correctly), and Tangled. And apparently Organization XIII's still around, as I could've sworn they were eighty six'd in the events of Chain Of Memories and Kingdom Hearts 2. And Aqua's alive? I seriously NEED to play Birth By Sleep. Regardless, again it's good to see Xbox owners will get a port for this, and it sells on that console too.

Next is Sea Of Thieves trailer... I was unaware there was a new season, or expansion, as I didn't know it did well enough to warrant such a thing.(Seriously I live under a rock...) What awaits players seems to be a set up for fending off a sort of apocalypse, or seeking to prevent it. Sounds like fun, but I'mma look into the first Sea Of Thieves for continuity's sake. And it's two installments:"Cursed Sails," and "Forsaken Shores." Must be currently in development because no release date was announced.

Next was BattleField V, as it was a short Cinematic trailer. Don't know why they didn't want to show off more since it's a different conference and audience, but okay, fine.

Next was Forza...At there were a variety of environments, trucks, off-roaders, an a variety of cars, and apparently hover cars. It also has climate changes offer changes in terrain. Seems interesting...

And there's been the creation of a new game development studio for Microsoft called "The Initiative." They'll also being adding "Undead Labs" and "PlayGround Games" to Microsoft Studios. I guess with PlayGround being with Microsoft all future Forza sequels and other projects will be Xbox and PC exclusives... Bummer... And apparently Ninja Theory will be added to Microsoft studios too, which means all of THEIR future titles will be Xbox and PC exclusives. Now I'm bummed out.

What followed that news however lifted up my spirits in a sick sort of way. The story trailer for "We Happy Few," which I forgot about, despite seeing it last year. The trailer starts out with a guy trying to persuade a woman to remove a white mask that keeps her smiling. She refuses, as she feels it keeps her feeling happy. From there we go from a town living in bliss with the white masks to a devolution of chaotic scenes of people going nuts and society unraveling. Color me intrigued...

Next was a trailer for player Unknown's "BattleGrounds" as It showed off some new environments and outfits like environments and outfits from the old west, a pick up truck, and such. This update will emerge this winter.

What followed was Tales Of Vesperia, which I still have yet to get a hold of. It's a Definitive Edition slated to be released Winter 2018 as well. It was a trailer filled with animated cut scenes and gameplay footage, as I somehow forgot the Tales games were action RPGs. But aside from that, I'm torn between getting the original, or waiting until winter for the Definitive Edition, or maybe get both.

Next came a cinematic trailer for The Division 2. And before I wrote it off as a teaser, we did get some gameplay footage, as they've seemed to have kept many elements from the last game. Stuff like weapon and item selection display, which is nice, as the developers wanted to keep it simple and familiar. And not having played the first Division, from what this trailer showed off, there will be more environments outside of New York. Maybe, we'll have to see.

An indie game montage later, we get a trailer of Shadow Of The Tomb Raider, and it'd be redundant to say "it felt like the action movie trailer." And well, I get this trilogy of games is a reboot is an origin story for Lara, but her unleashing an ancient evil feels off to me. Still despite not being much of a fan of this franchise, the execution and outcome should be interesting.

Next was a trailer for a skateboarding game called "Session," and I for a minute thought I traveled back in time to the 90s and early 2000s. It didn't much, just skateboarders doing simple tricks and grinds. Sadly wasn't enough to catch my interest, despite growing up with Tony Hawk's "Pro Skater" games...

What followed that was a trailer for another story line in the MMORPG, Black Desert. This felt like a tease since I haven't gotten around to playing it. The gameplay looked nice with its showcasing of magic and close quarter combat against monsters. And from what I've gauged players will go on quests to other realms, or environments, and seek out McGuffins like "The Black Stone." Should be fun...

Next up was surprisingly a trailer for Devil May Cry 5. Now while this isn't the first Devil May Cry to be ported to Xbox,(we won't speak of that OTHER ONE) I'm glad Capcom and Platinum Games have decided to continue this aspect as PlayStation owners like me won't be the only ones to enjoy the thrills of Devil May Cry. But what about the trailer itself? Well Nero's returned, which I'm happy with, because I want that mystery of his implied relations to Vergil solved, dagnabbit! I hate how fans were left hanging for that OTHER ONE!(Which again, we will not speak of...) But I digress, his haircut feeling reminiscent of the Main Character from Scalebound almost feels like an apology for Scalebound being canceled. Though I think that's my bitterness talking, but I'm looking for to Nero's new abilities, as he seems to have aged and acquired new companions. I eagerly await to see how Nero's grown in his abilities and to see what Dante's shenanigans are gonna be in this game. Especially he seems to have a rad new bike.

And Cuphead's getting some DLC, didn't know it made that much money. I'm happy that it made that much money. But anyway, what the DLC? Well a new playable character with the Legendary Chalice as "Ms. Chalice," along with new islands, bosses, weapons, Charms, and "The Jolly Chef Salt Baker." This DLC is called "CupHead in The Delicious Last Course." And of course it's coming in 2019...

Next was the trailer for "Tunic," as I had seen the trailer pop up on my Youtube feed, but didn't want to watch it since it debuted at E3, and I wanted to see it at one of the conferences. It looks similar to Legend of Zelda, except with a sword wielding anthropomorphic fox. Which I'm 100% cool with. Can't wait to hear more about this ame in the coming months.

Next was Jump Force, yet another game I saw a trailer in a youtube feed, but avoid it for the same reasons I avoided the Tunic trailer. Gotta say as a fan of Shueisha's "Shonen Jump" magazine and several publications like DragonBall, Naruto, One-Piece, Bleach, HunterxHunter(which I'm hoping will show up in this game) I'm excited as all Hell for this. The trailer looked neat in terms of cinematic and combat, and apparently Light Yagami and Ryuk will be in this. Don't get how that'll work, but sure why not. And I wonder what hokey reason they'll have to justify these universes merging. Should be fun.

Next was Dying Light 2, didn't show much but a post-apocalyptic environment. But when one of the developers took the stage to explain the game, I got Mirror's Edge vibes from the First Person PoV parkour gameplay shown on the screen behind him. It might be more interesting than I give it credit for, but I'll wait and see.

Next was BattleToads, yet another trailer I saw pop on my youtube feed, but avoided for reasons that you can already discern by this point. But I assumed it was going to be an HD rerelease of the original game. And while an HD rerelease might be available soon(if not already thanks to that Rare arcade DLC pack they announced I think in 2016), this is a new BattleToads game, slated for 2019.(no surprise there...) I'm guessing the demand from the cult following was loud enough to warrant it. And as a casual Battle Toads fan, I'm kind of looking forward to this. It'll contain body morphing mashups, three player co-op(which is a step up from the last game I think) and of course 2.5 Graphics. Not to mention more "broad non-specific feature declarations!(Hey their words, not mine!) Still has me excited for the game, though this'll be a first BattleToads game... Can't wait.

Next was Just Cause 4, which I assumed was a PlayStation exclusive, but I was wrong. You'll apparently be taking on a private army this time. When and where, the trailer doesn't say. But given the outrageous and explosive nature of the trailer, it's a wonder why I haven't played these Just Cause games yet...

And what came next must've pissed off Gears Of War fans something fierce, or so I assumed. Given what I saw on Youtube, fans seem to like the idea of Gears Pop. Gears Pop is a Funko Pop styled mobile Gears Of War game. But not only that, but announced a prequel to the first Gears Of War, Gears:Tactics which is a PC exclusive strategy game, and then finally the unveiling of Gears Of War 5... The fifty shades of brown aesthetics never appealed to me about the series. But it's a war between mankind and aliens, so I might give it a shot, snd Gears 5 seems to have more varied colors to it. The trailer is a dramatic exploit of a girl seeking revenge for a fallen comrade, or friend, it's not clear.

And finally aside from announcing a new Xboxconsole in development, we got a trailer for CyberPunk 2077. Which is a cyberpunk crime thriller judging by the trailer... I'm intrigued, and looking forward to learning more towards the game's release.

The Battle Toads are back and in a new game too.
The Battle Toads are back and in a new game too. | Source

In Conclusion...

In conclusion, I can see why many on youtube are saying Microsoft "won" this year's E3, as it showed many premieres people were looking forward to like BattleToads, Devil May Cry 5, Gears 5, CrackDown 3, Halo, Kingdom Hearts 3, and Ori And The Will of The Wisp.

However for me, while I got excited for Devil May Cry 5, CupHead, and Kingdom Hearts 3, I'm weary of Microsoft coming off as desperate with the "GAMES! WE HAVE GAMES! DO YOU LIKE GAMES?! WE LIKE GAMES! WE HAVE GAMES TOO! PLEASE BUY OUR CONSOLE!?!" vibe, as I don't think it's necessary. I'm not fond of the idea of Playground Games and Ninja Theory being acquired by Microsoft, because I don't like the idea of their future titles been Microsoft exclusives. I'm a cheap son of a gun, and I don't like spending more money than necessary on games, hence why I tend to go for multi-platformed titles.

All and all it was a decent conference, and I hope the rest are just as good if not better.


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