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Microsoft's Kinect For Xbox 360

Updated on July 15, 2012

At the biggest computer game and hardware convention e3 2010 on June 15Th Microsoft unveiled their secretive Project Natal which we had been told was the future of gaming,a controller free gaming experience.Project Natal was its code name but now it had a full release name Kinect.Microsoft has released lots of new information about the new hardware including what sort of games fans will be able to play using the new technology,essentially it uses motion sensors and a video camera much like the Nintendo wii,but gamers will not have to hold a controller in their hand at all as the system simply uses the sensors and camera to pick up what the gamer is doing and translates it to the screen,the limits are endless and i for one am very excited about this new bit of kit.I will give you all the information that was released at the e3 2010 show and let you make you own mind up.

Kinect For Xbox 360

Launch Date

Microsoft has announced that their new bit of wondrous kit will be released worldwide this holiday,so leading up to Christmas and the official launch will be in North America on November the fourth,among some of the launch titles will be "The Biggest Loser" "Sonic Riders" and a lucasarts star wars game of which their is no more new on at this time.At this current moment in time there has been no news on pricing for this product but their are several rumours floating around the Internet and indeed a couple of American stores have listed it on their websites as $149 or if like me your in the uk probably around £120

Connecting With Kinect

When first using the Kinect you will have to go through a series of tests for the camera to register various parameters about yourself such as face and body shape and size,this takes around a minute and once done you will be thrown back to the dashboard where with a simple wave of your hand the Kinect signs you in to your profile.When raising your hand (either one,or both) a mouse like icon will appear and you can then use it to click on objects and then with a sideways movement of your arm slide pages side to side and search through various apps,The system also has the ability to use voice control and you can even open the disc tray using just your voice!!!.This also translates to watching movies as a simple movement of your hand or a simple voice command like "Pause" will enable you to have full control over what is happening on screen.You can also use the Kinect to have a video chat with friends and share photos and movies etc with them<you don't have to be static in front of the camera either as it will pan and move if you do.Like i said before the limits to this piece of kit are endless.

Kinect For Xbox

Games For Xbox Kinect

There are around 15 launch titles available and there is pretty much something for everyone,from the kids to adults alike.I will show you a few of the ones that are expected to do the best in terms of sales.

Kinect Sports Obviously this is going to have lots of comparisons with wii sports but it is essentially the same except you don't have to have a controller attached to your arm,it is a bit more grown up than the wii version but is virtually identical,with 6 sporting events,bowling,ping pong,track and field,boxing,volleyball and soccer.Like the wii you use your avatar character from your dashboard,the bowling is much like the wii's version although it does pick up on your efforts to spin the ball etc,the track and field section has a hurdles part for the player to see just how fit you are as you run full pelt on the spot in your living room and then time your jumps so as not to hit the hurdles.

Kinect Sports


This is the game aimed at children and those that may be a bit shy about performing around their living room in front of people.Basically Kinectimals is a pet simulator that gives the player the option to tame and befriend up to 40 different types of wild cat,ranging from bobcat cubs to a tiger.You can name your pet and once repeated enough he will react to it when spoken,also you can pet your animal friend and move around him as the camera moves when you do.You can teach your pet tricks such as play dead and roll over,obviously you have to perform the moves so that your pet can learn them,and finally once you have spent lots of time with your pet you can put them through their paces in an obstacle course.Cute game that will sell well.


Kinect Star Wars

I know the one that every red blooded male is now intrigued about,"so i actually get to prance round my living room and be a Jedi" The answer is yes.The demo shows a Jedi laying waste to a whole army of enemies using both light sabre and the force skills before coming across Darth Vader himself,The graphics look good and if it plays as well as it looks then this is going to be the number one title.

Kinect Star Wars

Forza Motorsport 4

Forza Motorsport 4

The one I'm really looking forward to is this one,putting your hands at 10 and 2 and being able to drive without a controller is simply brilliant,if you want to look into a corner or round the cockpit just turn your head slightly,the graphics are typical forza absolutely mind blowing and it looks like it plays well,this will be a good seller.


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