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Miegakure : Puzzle Game in Four Dimensions

Updated on May 29, 2010

Miegakure is the first puzzle platform game to explore the 4th dimension of our world. Entirely programmed and designed in 4D, Miegakure is the newest chatter of the scientific gaming community, and will be for many months to come. 


Miegakure is all about exploring the results of being able to move in a four dimensional world. While this may be new to you, the mathematical concept of a fourth dimension has been around for many years.

Our natural world has only three dimensions: height, width, and depth. But, Miegakure, adds a fourth dimension, allowing users to switch out one of the three natural dimensions with the fourth in order to solve progressively more and more complicated puzzles.

Lets think about it this way; the line between two dimension and three dimension functionality is huge. If we lived in a two dimensional world, simple tasks like climbing stairs or riding in elevators would  be impossible. We would only be able to walk forward, backwards, and side to side(there would be no height). Like a king in a chess game, we would be restricted with every move.

Enter the 3rd dimension; With the addition of the third dimension, the movements we can now make are drastically improved. The 3rd dimension allows us to ascend and descend stairs, pick objects up, or jump over other objects(like a checkers piece).

Now, the average person can only speculate, at best, as to what tasks he or she would be able to complete with the addition of a fourth dimension. But, Miegakure brings this concept to life.

Using the fourth dimension, players will be able to see inside closed objects, move objects throughout dimensions, walk through objects, and much more. It is even speculated that you will be able to hide in the three dimensional shadows cast by four dimensional objects.

While the fourth dimension is very hard to describe in writing, Miegakure will bring this concept to us. We will be able to experience it first hand, while using our problem solving skills like never before.

Miegakure promises to be a new kind of puzzle game, providing many hours of quick thinking fun.

Miegakure is currently in development with the release date not yet announced. It is supposed to be released via downloadable content for PC/mac and all major gaming consoles. A public demo is not yet available but will be made so before its release.


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