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Marvel Mighty Heroes Game Tips and Tricks Guide

Updated on April 2, 2015

Marvel Mighty Heroes: Which Device?

While I haven't had a chance to play on all 3 devices I use for testing, I've extensively played on an iPad and an Android smartphone with mostly consistent results. If you have the option for the big screen, you're going to love seeing a wider swath of destruction as you and other players are blowing things up.

On the other hand, the action is intense and it will put a strain on both your device and the network so make sure you've freed up as much memory as possible. And don't be alarmed if your device starts to warm up because it's practically inevitable with this game.

Marvel Mighty Heroes on Mobile Devices

There's something to be said for carrying around the Marvel universe in your pocket with all your favorite characters like The Incredible Hulk, Spiderman, and Iron Man among others. And while the market has been flooded with Marvel games due to the rise in popularity of the Avengers, I prefer to have my comic book characters handled the way they are handled in Marvel Mighty Heroes.

You'll be building and upgrading your team of Marvel Mighty Heroes to conquer quests, destroy bad guys and restore balance to the universe. And it's in bite size 1 to 2 minute increments where you tap to aim, swipe to dodge, and perfectly time your special move to be at your most effective. Sounds fun, doesn't it? It's not half bad.

Marvel Mighty Heroes Game

Marvel Mighty Heroes Game
Marvel Mighty Heroes Game | Source

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Play Marvel Mighty Heroes

Game Tip 1 for Marvel Mighty Heroes

Marvel Mighty Heroes Game Tip 1: It's simple. Beat the competition.

I would say that it's very easy to get distracted from the main goals of Marvel Mighty Heroes. You're running around with your team of heroes, baddies are attacking you, and there's blips on your radar constantly. Well, guess what, the bottom line is that you're competing against other human beings and you have to do whatever it takes to crush them.

More than anything then, you should be running into the thick of the action because you only have a limited amount of time to rack up as many points as possible. And if you're interested in being a passive observer, this game is not for you.

Marvel Mighty Heroes Google Play

Marvel Mighty Heroes Google Play
Marvel Mighty Heroes Google Play | Source

Game Tip 2 for Marvel Mighty Heroes

Marvel Mighty Heroes Game Tip 2: Use all your senses to get an edge

Whenever you're faced with a situation in which you're racing the clock, you need to logically start by sharpening your wits. In the case of Marvel Mighty Heroes, that means you need to sharpen your eyes and ears so that you aren't missing any details.

The audio in particular often gives you clues as to when new enemies are generating before you see anything (especially if the network is short of stellar). So pump up the volume and tune in so that you have a little advantage over other players. And always keep one eye on the radar so you can run towards any red blips that populate.

Marvel Mighty Heroes

3 stars for Mighty Marvel Heroes

Game Tip 3 for Marvel Mighty Heroes

Marvel Mighty Heroes Game Tip 3: Use special moves in a crowd

I referred to this earlier in this tips and tricks guide, but let me remind you that you need to run towards the action and stay as involved as possible. And when it comes to special moves, they can be tremendously powerful when used correctly and in a crowd. So get close to enemies and use up those specials early on so they have time to recharge for another use.

And depending on your style of play, you could very well use a specific character mainly because their special racks up lots of points for you (ie. Hulk)

Marvel Mighty Heroes Tips

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Game Tip 4 for Marvel Mighty Heroes

Marvel Mighty Heroes Game Tip 4: Damage boost every time

Before playing a level you are given the option to boost your damage at the expense of energy (lightning bolt sign). As energy is very limited, you may think that your best bet is to not use any for boosts so that you can play more games. While that is a valid point, I'm going to tell you straight up that damage boosts are going to be the difference between finishing first and second on a given level. In the interest of giving yourself the best chance of maximizing event points each time you play, boost your damage.

Marvel Mighty Heroes Tips Summary

So, to summarize, here's what you need to know:

  1. It's simple. Beat the competition.
  2. Use all your senses to get an edge
  3. Use special moves in a crowd
  4. Damage boost every time
  5. Don't forget to connect on Facebook

Good luck!

Game Tip 5 for Marvel Mighty Heroes

Marvel Mighty Heroes Game Tip 5: Don't forget to connect on Facebook

Compared to a lot of peers, Marvel Mighty Heroes doesn't hit you over the head to connect your Facebook account. So I'm going to do the game developers a favor and tell you to connect your Facebook account. Not only will you then get more updates of new events and the possibility of special promotions, but it's a good habit to get into as you play mobile games. Plus, if and when the folks at DeNa decide to reward players that are socially connected, you'll have already done the hard work.

Marvel Mighty Heroes Gamezebo

Marvel Mighty Heroes Gamezebo
Marvel Mighty Heroes Gamezebo | Source

Comments and Questions

Thank you for reading the Marvel Mighty Heroes Game Tips and Tricks Guide!

As always, DealForALiving is here to provide the best tips, tricks and strategies around for popular mobile games on IOS and/or Android. I honestly look forward to comments and questions that come from you, the reader, so don't be shy. Ask away! And even if I can't find the answer right away, one of your peers might be able to answer your specific question.

I hope this guide has been a help.


Sam Deal


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