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Millenaire Village | Minecraft NPC Mod

Updated on April 12, 2011

The Millenaire Minecraft mod is almost a new game in its own right because it introduces dynamics that are missing entirely from the base game, like meaningful NPC interaction. After briefly play testing this mod for the purposes of review, I decided that it deserved, warranted, nay required a more in depth treatment.

The village of Ussy de Lac
The village of Ussy de Lac | Source

So, I present to you the village of Ussy De Lac. When one first comes upon a village it is naught but two or three dirt huts and a town hall. Almost immediately however, the townsfolk will begin to build. Gathering materials like cobblestone, wood and glass will hasten their building progress as they grind towards better things. You can play a vital role in stimulating the growth of their village by trading basic construction materials with them. You'll discover what is needed most when you visit the Town Hall.

How to Trade With Townsfolk

The accepted unit of currency is the denier. To trade with the townsfolk, visit the Town Hall, which contains public records regarding population, wealth, building projects and items which can be traded.

If nobody is in when you arrive, someone will come shortly. Right click with the material you want to sell and you'll receive deniers for your trouble. If you want to buy materials (they're always more expensive to buy than they are to sell) simply select your stack of deniers and right click the shop keeper.

Because I was curious as to what the townsfolk would create if given sufficient marterials, I used INVedit to add several stacks of wood, cobblestone, stone and glass to the game, then traded it with the NPC in charge of such things. Within the day, work had begun on a boulangerie (that's bakery, for those of us who didn't take French).


With the boulangerie in place, things really began to take off. The fun thing about Millenaire is that villages don't just get bigger, they build improvements. The town hall, for instance, which can be seen as the simple wooden building in the first picture received an upgrade fairly quickly when the villagers decided to quite literally, raise the roof and make it a two story affair.

With the village really starting to take off, another farmstead was added and the first children began to arrive. Within just two Minecraft days, the village of Ussy de Lac had become something worth being proud of. It boasted three farmsteads, two households with children, a purpose built well (something of a fall hazard) and a functioning bakery.

Day 3 and Ussy de Lac is already becoming something of a hub of commerce in the region.
Day 3 and Ussy de Lac is already becoming something of a hub of commerce in the region.


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