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Mindflex Game Review: How Does It Work?

Updated on March 17, 2013

A proper Mindflex Games review takes into account more than just the toy itself, but what it represents to kids and adults alike. The commercials for Mindflex's "psychic" game will leave many who've seen it wondering: is this for real? Is it truly possible to cause a pingpong ball to tumble and fly through an obstacle course using only my own force of will? Can I really use only my own brain to power a toy?

The answer is, without a doubt, yes. A Mindflex toy works exactly as advertised. Not only does it work as intended, but it can teach valuable lessons about science, biology, and even the power of concentration. Read on to find out more about the specifics of how Mindflex works and what makes it such an interesting gift.

mindflex game
mindflex game

How Does The Mindflex Game Read Your Thoughts?

Although it might seem like magic, the truth is it is very simple to measure the amount of activity occurring in the brain. Electroencephalograms (EEGs) are common tools used to measure brainwave activity.  Just like any other type of computer chips, as technology has become more advanced the computer chips required to runs an EEG have gotten smaller and less expensive.  A budget version of this chip is inserted into the Mindflex toy.

By attaching small suction-held prongs to the head, it is possible for the Mindflex to measure the different types of electrical activity occurring in the brain. To operate the Mindflex, users have to concentrate very hard (preferably on moving the ball, but if someone's mind is deeply occupied on any task it should still work as usual).

It is likely that the machine is primarily activated by beta waves, the brain waves associated with intense concentration.  Gamma waves may also play a part, due to their reactivity during sight/sound concentration and their higher wavelength.

Regardless of what type of waves are being measured, Mindwave users will be able to train themselves to regulate their brainwave activity, slowing down or speeding up the movement of the game with only their brain.

Mindflex Game Review

Of course, science aside, the question anyone looking to buy a toy for kids should be: is it actually any fun? For kids with imagination and patience, the answer is a resounding yes. The novelty factor alone makes it a great gift for the young or the young at heart. Practicing using "telekinesis" will be a thrill for anyone who ever wanted their very own super powers.

Mindflex also allows players to arrange the in-game obstacle course in any way they desire. This adds a level of personal design to the game, although it doesn't drastically change the experience. Kids can create layouts for one another and see who can complete them the best.

Plus, there's also the dreaded "education" value: using this toy, you can explain to your child the basics of neurobiology, psychology, and even show them the power of concentration. Maintaining good concentration has also shown to ward off dementia.

This is a great gift for any kid who loves using their brain, a family looking for a cool toy they never dreamed about, teachers who are looking for fun demonstrations, and anyone who loves neat gadgets that seem like they're ten years from the future.

Games Like Mindflex

There are plenty of other games like the Mindflex available if you're interested in trying out something different.

For instance, check out the Star Wars: Force Trainer.  It's a lot like the Mindflex, but allows budding Jedis to try their hand at using "the Force" alongside Yoda. Click here for a full review of The Force Trainer.


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